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Probation Records Definition

Probation records pertain to the conditions of a person’s probation. It may list out the duration of time a person is to be on probation, an amount they are to repay, how often they are to check in with their probation officer and other information pertinent to a person’s probation.

Many people get the terms probation and parole mixed up. Both serve as an alternative to incarceration; however, they are different. Parole concerns people who were incarcerated and released early to finish out their sentence under the conditions of their parole. Probation is similar; however, it takes place before a person is incarcerated. If they don’t follows the conditions of their probation, they will go to jail. Both parole and probation help to lessen the amount of people who are incarcerated. These people pose minimal risk to the public, which is why they are allowed to be on either parole or probation.

Types of Probation Records

There are different types of probation. Some people may have a split sentence wherein they are first on probation and finish up their sentence incarcerated. Active supervision refers to those who are required to regularly report to their probation officer by telephone, mail or in person. Inactive supervision pertains to those who are excluded from regularly reporting. In any case, failure to follow the conditions of probation may result in incarceration.

During sentencing, a judge may decide to put someone on probation instead of incarceration. The defendant is released into the community under conditions of the probation. The probation officer has many tasks assigned to him or her. Information pursuant to the conditions of the probation are conveyed to the judge who ultimately decides whether the defendant is incarcerated. At times, the court may change the conditions of the probation. Probation officers enforce the conditions of probation set forth by the court. A probation officer needs probable cause to show that a defendant has violated the terms of their probation.

Low-risk offenders and first-time offenders may receive probation. There are some statutes that may determine the limits of probation; however, it is also up to the judge’s discretion whether a defendant is placed on probation. Probation is used to rehabilitate the defendant, to protect victims’ rights and to protect society from any criminal conduct. A condition of probation may be that the defendant may not leave outside the county boundaries. Some defendants may not go outside of a 50-mile radius. They may need to do frequent drug or alcohol tests. Once a defendant has met all the requirements of probation, they resume full freedom in society.

Probation Records Search

Probation records are a type of criminal record that are public domain. Probation records for juveniles are sealed until they are adults so you won’t be able to access these unless you’re a guardian or the person who is on probation. To begin a probation records search simply use the form above and search with a first and last name. Make sure to enter the city and state if you have that information since there are a lot of common names in the United States.  Once you find the probation records in question make sure to cross-reference as many fields of data as possible to make sure you’ve got the right record.

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Probation Records
Probation Records
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