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How to Lookup Arrest Records in Garrett County

Garrett County, Maryland, like most every county in the United States, maintains records of arrests that occur within its boundaries. These records are considered public records, which means that they can be accessed by the general public. To begin a Garrett County arrest record search there are some options. You can access up to date arrests through the Garrett County Arrest Log or use the resources of a public record website where you can search anonymously. Either method will give you the information you need online with a little effort. To begin your arrest search you will need the full name of the person arrested in Garrett County, if you know their age that will be helpful too. Then once you run their name through the various online search tools, you will be able to access their arrest record, criminal charges, time and location of their arrest, police reports and prior criminal records. 

Various Ways to Request Arrest Records in Garrett County

To view arrest records in Garrett County, one can typically go through the following avenues: 

  • Garrett County Sheriff’s Office: The Sheriff’s Office is usually the primary custodian of arrest records in the county. Interested parties can contact the office directly, either in person, by phone, or through their website, if available, to request arrest records or view the active arrest log in Garrett County. 
  • Maryland Judiciary Case Search: Maryland provides an online court case search where individuals can look up court records, which include arrest information. This service is public and can be accessed through the official Maryland Judiciary website. You will need to know either the full name and date of birth of the person in question, or their court case number to look up their records. 
  • FOIA Request: Requests for public records officially, including Garrett County arrest records, can be filed with the county. This is typically done through a formal public records request, also known as a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in some jurisdictions. This can sometimes be a tedious process and should be reserved for obtaining official records the person of interest. 
  • Public Records Websites: This is often the easiest way to access a person’s arrest records as well as other background information such as criminal record abstracts, public records and driving records. One of the reasons this method is popular is most public record sites offer anonymous searching which means nobody will know you’re looking them up. 

The Garrett County Arrest Log 

The Garrett County Arrest Log is a up to date record of all the people who have been arrested and booked by the various law enforcement agencies in Garrett County. This log may include the name of the individual, the arrest charges, the date and location of the arrest, and other relevant information such as bail amounts, or the arresting law enforcement agency. This log will also show pending arrests, and those released as well as mugshots of everyone arrested. The Garrett County arrest log is a great resource for anyone that is looking for recent arrest information and is available for the public to access. This is provided by the Garrett County Sheriff Department and is updated daily. 

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Common Arrest Log Reasons in Garrett County

The reasons for arrests in Garrett County can vary quite a bit, here are some of the most common criminal charges in the county: 

  • Drug-related offenses: As in many areas, drug offenses, including possession, distribution, or manufacturing, can lead to arrests. These can carry stiff penalties depending on the seriousness of the offense including misdemeanors and felonies with long prison times. 
  • DUI/DWI: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a common cause for arrest. If that person was involved in an accident it could lead to a felony and prison time.
  • Theft and burglary: Property crimes are common reasons for law enforcement intervention. These can range quite a bit depending on the monetary amount that was stolen.
  • Assault and domestic violence: These personal offenses are significant factors in many arrests. They can be punishable by jail or prison time depending on the seriousness of the assault.
  • Traffic violations: Serious traffic violations can lead to arrest, especially if there are outstanding arrest warrants for that person. While most traffic citations are mere infractions, more serious moving violations such as reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance can lead to the loss of a person’s driver’s license or even jail time.

Tips on Researching Arrest Records

It is important to note that while arrest records are public, the details included in these records may be limited due to privacy concerns or ongoing investigations. When searching for arrest records, it is also important to respect the privacy and legal rights of individuals involved. Always ensure that the use of arrest records complies with local, state, and federal laws. Remember, even though a person is arrested it does not mean they are convicted until they have their day in court. In some cases the criminal charges are dropped or the individuals are found innocent which means that even through they have an arrest record, they may not have a corresponding criminal record. That said, you can get a complete background check and criminal record abstract through most any public record website. This will give you not only their arrest history but all their previous run-ins with the law which includes court records, convictions and incarcerations.

Garrett County Arrest Record

Garrett County Arrests - FAQ

Are arrests in Garrett County public record?

Yes, all arrests in Garrett County, with the exception of juveniles, are public record which means that anyone can access these records online.

How can I find out if someone was released on bail in Garrett County?

Bail information is usually included in arrest records, which can be accessed through the Garrett County Arrest Log.

Are arrest records in Garrett County the same as criminal charges?

No, an arrest record documents the arrest and detainment by police, while criminal charges are formal accusations of wrongdoing filed by a criminal prosecutor.

Can I find out what someone was charged with in Garrett County?

Yes, the specific charges are typically listed in the arrest log or a public record website.

Are mugshots available in Garrett County arrest records?

Mugshots may be available and can be requested from the arresting agency, but their public availability might depend on the nature of the arrest. The Garrett County Arrest Log often includes mugshots.

How quickly can I obtain an arrest record in Garrett County?

If you use a public record website to lookup arrest records in Garrett County, it should only take you a couple of minutes.

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