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How to Run a Fulton County Court Record Search

Fulton County Georgia, maintains a comprehensive system of court records that serve as important legal information for the public, attorneys and state law enforcement agencies. Fulton County court records offer valuable information about legal cases that include civil, criminal, traffic, and probate cases. Performing a Fulton County court record search can be done by anyone online with either a court case number or a first and last name. The process is simple, and these records can be researched anonymously using a public record website. 

Types of Court Records in Georgia, Fulton County

  • Fulton County Civil Court Records: These records pertain to non-criminal legal cases, such as lawsuits, disputes over property, contract disputes, and personal injury claims. 
  • Criminal Court Records: These records document criminal proceedings, including arrests, charges, court appearances, and convictions. They can provide information about a person’s criminal history. 
  • Fulton County Superior Court Records: The Superior court records deal with a wide range of court cases from civil and criminal to family law. These court cases deal with higher-level court cases that can include felonies and serious misdemeanors. 
  • Traffic Court Records: Fulton county traffic court records include cases that deal with traffic citations, judgments and sentencings for traffic violations, accident reporting, and may also include information about a person’s driver’s license status. 
  • Probate Court Records: Probate court records deal with matters related to wills, estates, guardianships, conservatorships, and the distribution of assets after a person’s death. 
  • Fulton County Magistrate Court Records: Magistrate courts in Fulton County offer the most accessible court records in Georgia. These courts include small claims, civil cases, arrest warrants, and initial criminal hearings.  

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Types of Courts in Fulton County

  • Fulton County Magistrate Court: The Magistrate Court of Fulton County handles a variety of court cases. These can include civil matters and disputes, small claims, rental and tenant disputes, and civil cases with claims up to $15,000. The magistrate courts also issues arrest warrants and conduct the initial hearings for many types of criminal cases. 
  • Fulton County Superior Court: The Superior Court of Fulton County deals with more serious court cases such as felony criminal cases, major civil court cases, domestic issues and disputes, and large lawsuits. The superior court is divided into divisions such as Family, Civil and Criminal courts. 
  • Fulton County Traffic Court: These courts handle a variety of court cases pertaining to traffic violations, traffic accidents, DUIs and DWIs, driving license suspensions and a variety of other driving and traffic related issues. These courts are considered lower courts as they primarily deal with infractions and some misdemeanors. Occasionally a traffic accident can lead to a felony court case such as in a traffic accident involving a drunk driver or someone under the influence of a controlled substance. This court can sentence, recommend driver safety classes or suspend a person’s driving licenses.

Different Ways to Lookup Fulton County Court Records 

Accessing court records in Fulton County can be done in a few different ways depending on what type of court record you want access to and if the court records are intended to be used for official or unofficial purposes. Below are some of the most common ways to lookup Fulton County court records. 

  • Direct From the Courthouse: Many court records in Fulton County can be accessed online through the official court website. Users can search for records by court case number, or first and last name and date of birth. Some of the courthouse websites will make you register before being able to access any court record information. Records obtained directly can be used for official purposes if they are certified by the courts. 
  • Visit the Courthouse in Person: For records that are not available online or for more detailed information, you may need to visit the Fulton County courthouse in person. Each division of the court has its own records department and has a clerk of the courts that can reached. Sometimes an appointment needs to be made to contact the clerk of the courts. This type of request for records can be made official upon request. 
  • Public Records Request: Most Fulton County court records may also be available through public record sites. These resources are often intended for unofficial court case record requests that are typically used for verification or research purposes. Information that can be obtained from a public record resource is court case information, convictions, sentencing records, incarceration information and criminal record abstracts. 

Fulton County Court Records

Fulton County Court Records - FAQ

Are Fulton County court cases public record?

Yes, most all court case records in Fulton County, Georgia, are public record which means that anyone can look them up online. All you need is a first and last name or court case number to begin.

Can I lookup Fulton County court records for free?

Yes, there are some free online resources where you can find limited court case records for free however, if you want official copies or more detailed information you might need to pay a few bucks for a copy.

What information is typically included in Fulton County Criminal Court Records?

Fulton County Criminal Court Records often include details about arrests, criminal charges, court appearances, trial transcripts, sentencing records, incarcerations and other case-related information.

Can I request certified copies of Fulton County Court Records?

Yes, you can request certified copies of court records for official purposes directly from the relevant courthouse. These certified copies have the court's seal and are considered legally valid. You can also request unofficial court case records from a public record website for verification purposes.

What types of court records are available in Fulton County?

Fulton County maintains a wide range of court case records which include; civil, criminal, family, probate, and traffic court records, superior court records and probate court records.

How can I get assistance if I have trouble finding the Fulton County Court Records I need?

If you run into difficulties or have specific questions about finding the court records you need, you can contact the court's clerk's office for assistance. They can assist you with your record request.

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