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If you want to look up an individual’s lien records, you might be wondering how to get started so that you can reach your goal. A lien is a document that gets attached to assets or property when a creditor is trying to collect payment. Those who use bank loans to buy property but don’t make their payments on time are subject to a personal lien. When placed on a property, a lien prevents the owner from selling their home until it is removed, and the following information will help you search for lien records. Similarly a tax lien or irs lien record is a result of unpaid taxes. There are also vehicle liens, mechanic liens, attorney liens and HOA liens to name a few. A free lien search online is the best place to start when looking up liens. Simply make your lien record request at the bottom of this blog and we’ll search our resources for you.

Free Lien Search Online

You have several options available to you when your goal is to look up a person’s lien records, and going to the county clerk is a great place to start. You will need the name and personal information of the person in question. Some courts will grant the request through the mail or over the phone. Others will require you to submit your request in person. But if you want to look up the record of an individual who does not live near your location, then you can try an online search. With online database repositories you can access billions of records online with a first and last name. When searching for free lien records online make sure that you verify any information that you find. This means that it?s best practice to use a birth date or address to insure you?ve found the correct line records for the correct person Many people have the same name.

How Liens Can Impact You

Do you have a lien against your assets or property? If so, it’s vital to learn about how they can impact your life and what you can do about it. Any liens that you have are public record and will show up in background and credit checks. Your lien records can also be viewed by curious individuals who want to know about your past.

So, having liens against you can impact your personal relationships, prevent you from getting jobs and ruin your credit rating. But liens can also make it impossible to sell your property until you pay them off, which is not always easy.

Lien Removal

At this point, you are likely wondering what steps will help you get liens removed from your property. Although many people believe that filing for bankruptcy will help, it won’t. In fact, filing for bankruptcy makes it easier for lien holders to collect the money that you owe them.

In addition to paying off the lien, you can remove it by granting ownership to the lien holder. It is not the most desirable solution. People often feel as though they have no other choice. In some cases, you can get a court order that mandates the removal of the lien. Court orders are often given when the lien holder asks for an unreasonable amount of money or otherwise engages in unethical behavior. A free lien search online can help you to identify the lien and what it is in reference to. The next step is to contact the relevant agencies to find out how to remove the lien.

Free Lien Search
Free Lien Search

Liens - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if I have a lien against me?

A tax lien can be found by contacting the IRS directly or your state franchise tax board. A mechanics lien or personal lien can be found by using an online public record resource like

Are liens public record?

Yes, liens are public record that anyone can view, as well as judgments and bankruptcies

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Responses to “Free Lien Search

  1. Teresa Hansen says:

    Hello, would you be able to tell me if there are any Leon’s against my property/house at 4921 Wilson st., Port Townsend, WA 98368

  2. James Hughes says:

    Any liens for Gilbert McDonald, age 88, in Cathedral City, Riverside County, California?

  3. Donna Blend says:

    Can I check on the existence of municipal lien on property owned by Gordon L. Chilson in Lawrenceville Borough, Tioga County PA. The lien was placed in 2018 and was number 436,

  4. Joe Haray says:

    Is there a lien against my car? Plate # AK53544 Vin# WAUDF48H27K030906 Thank You.

  5. Ellen Balm says:

    Are there any liens on Ellen Balm of Fort Dodge, Iowa?

  6. Randy Usst says:

    Need lien cleared for loan paid over 8 years ago. Now lien is holding up trade on new vehicle. Unable to reach Capitol One Dept except by fax, which they do not reply.

  7. squarryadministrator says:

    James, you may want to consult with an property lien expert or discuss this with a financial planner. We are happy to lookup a lien record however, we are not able to advise you on your inquiry.

  8. James F Sheppard says:

    I left my deceased wife’s name on our home deed. I have the documentation to do this should I wish to sell the property. Is this a good policy re safety?

  9. Kim says:

    Any liens on Mary Ellen Curtin 286 Lisbon Ave Buffalo NY 14215

  10. squarryadministrator says:

    Gino, you may want to consult with legal counsel to find out more about what is allowed in the state of New York. We are happy to lookup a lien for you however, we are only a public record resources and cannot weigh in on legal matters

  11. gino consigliere says:

    can a company in Penna. attach a lien on me as a resident of NY state? Are they obligated to notify me??

  12. squarryadministrator says:

    William, it really depends on the terms of your divorce and what is stated in those documents as to what type of lien is placed on your financial accounts

  13. William J Granata says:

    after divorce, credit card took money out of my acct 7years have passed. how long can credit cards garnish your acct

  14. squarryadministrator says:

    Sharon, you can run a vehicle title search with our Nissan VIN title search resources or you can contact the DMV directly to inquire about the status of your car title and if the lien holder, or bank, is still listed as the official owner of your vehicle.

  15. Sharon Ann Daniels says:

    I can’t find my car title to my 2002 Nissan Maxima and need to apply for a title if there is no lein on it

  16. squarryadministrator says:

    Eileen, we can run a lien search on a person however, we cannot run a lien search based on a home address

  17. Eileen D Gregorkiewicz says:

    Need to know if there’s a lein on this property

  18. Bhadrash Patel says:

    Just wondering to find out if the Property at 8128 Mallard SHore dr, Laurel, MD 20724 has any type of Lein

  19. ilona basore says:

    Hello, Would you be able to tell me if there are any liens for Vladimir Maksimyuk of 1024 O st Rio Linda, CA

  20. Grace Chang says:

    Are there any liens against a property on Grace Chang of Madison, Alabama?

  21. squarryadministrator says:

    Suzette, we will need to lookup vehicle information by the license plate number or the VIN

  22. Suzette Mascolino says:

    Are there any vehicle liens on a Dina Dianne Howard of Bullshoals arkansas

  23. Rebecca J Taylor says:

    I am using my brother in laws email service. I went to get the tital transfered to my niece and the DMV said there was two liens on my car. News to me.

  24. squarryadministrator says:

    Daniel, our public record lien search resources are designed to lookup by person, not by address. Do you have the name of a person you’d like for us to run a free lien search for you?

  25. Daniel Stephen Brand says:

    Hello, Is there any liens on 10 Freeman Street Attleboro Falls, MA 02763?

  26. squarryadministrator says:

    Patricia, we are happy to run a lien search for you if you can provide us with your full name, age and state of residence

  27. Patricia J. Proud says:

    I had a judgment lien on my property in 2011. The 6 year statute of limitations is up. I just need to know if the lien has been removed.

  28. squarryadministrator says:

    Nicholas, we are happy to run a lien record check for you but we’ll need additional information such as your full name, age and state and county of residency

  29. Nicolas Chavez says:

    It is possible to know if my liens in my property were removed Could you find out because I have research many online pages and in all I have to pay and give all record but nothing about my liens

  30. squarryadministrator says:

    Patricia, if you don’t own your home outright then the bank is the lien holder on your home. If you feel that you have a personal lien, mechanics lien, tax lien or other judgment against you then we can look that up as well. Please let us know the nature of your lien search so we can research this for you

  31. squarryadministrator says:

    We did find there was a New Jersey lien filing for a Robert P. Berger, out of Trenton New Jersey, however we are not seeing the specifics of this NJ court filing.

  32. Robert Berger says:

    Are there any liens on my home in NJ.
    Or liens of any kind against me.
    87 George St
    Carteret NJ 07008

  33. squarryadministrator says:

    Todd, we can lookup specific liens for you if you specify your full name, age and state of residence as well as the nature of the lien you are requesting

  34. TODD JONES says:

    do I have personal liens against me

  35. squarryadministrator says:

    Linda, we could not find any liens on the person you mentioned at this time

  36. Linda L McVey says:

    any outstanding liens etc on Kevin Faddis CO , NM and PA

  37. squarryadministrator says:

    Betty, we ran a Lien Record Check on the person you mentioned and did not find anything active in our public record resources. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

  38. Betty Tolbert says:

    Lien for Shonna Herrman Broken Arrow OK

  39. squarryadministrator says:

    Mr. Gross, if you provide us with your full name, age and state of residence we are happy to run a free lien record search and public record search for you. That way you will know if there is any incorrect information.

  40. Gene Gross says:

    I don\’t know about any liens. But I am looking for any wrong information on me thank you Mr Gross

  41. squarryadministrator says:

    Linda, if you give us the full name of the person of interest we can run one free lien search for you

  42. Linda McVey says:

    Where would I look to see if there are any personal outstanding liens on a individual who resided in CO and then NM

  43. squarryadministrator says:

    Danny, we are happy to run a Lien record search for you if you give us the full name and age and state of residence of the person in question

  44. squarryadministrator says:

    Danny, we are happy to run the name for you and see what we can find. We’ll need the full name and age and state of residence to run a proper lien record search for you

  45. Danny Kay says:

    if i get you the full name an u get me the all the liens on that house please im new in this i dont know anything in detai. Please

  46. Danny Kay says:

    if i get you the name can you find out all the leins against the house.
    Thank you
    Danny K

  47. squarryadministrator says:

    Danny, unfortunately we cannot lookup lien records by address, only name. You will want to contact the County Recorder’s Office in the relevant Florida county.

    How can I lookup if there is a lien on my home?

    You can find out if there is a bank lien on a house by contacting County Recorder’s Office in the relevant county. You can typically find out if there is a bank lien on a house and who the home title holder is by searching by name or address.

  48. Danny Kay says:

    Hi Good Afternoon. my name is Danny Kay and planning to sell a house cud you please tell me if there is any kind if lein on this. I would appreciate it. athe address is
    11263 sw 74th street miami florida 33173

    Thank you
    Danny K

  49. squarryadministrator says:

    Veness, according to the Department of Education, a lien can be placed on a student loan and there are not time constraints on this or statutes of limitations for them to collect this debt.

  50. Veness says:

    Can a lien be placed due to student loan debt

  51. squarryadministrator says:

    Terry, thank you for reaching out about our Free Lien Search Blog, we have researched your information for Grand Prarie, Texas and did not find any property liens in our public record resources. That being said, you can contact the Grand Prarie County Clerk and inquire about any outstanding liens against your property, sometimes property liens are delayed when being reported as public record. For your convenience,their phone number is 972-237-4465.

  52. Terry L Brown says:

    I am putting house up for sale and would love me to know if there are any liens on property located at 2306 Sheriff Drive in Grand Prairie, Tx 75051. I just wanted to know if anything would prevent me from selling my house

  53. squarryadministrator says:

    Marie, the short answer is yes. It sounds like you have a mechanics lien on the house for unpaid work. You might consider talking to a lawyer if you feel the electrician is being dishonest. Also make sure to document everything and have a timeline of work that was completed and what invoices were paid by you

  54. Marie Maltais says:

    An electrician put a lien on my property for $203. around 2016. I now contacted him to pay it off since I want to sell the property. He said he will send me a revised Invoice with interest. I have no problem with that. However, I fear he will come back with old invoices that my Contractor didn’t pay, although the Contractor has been paid by myself. Can the electrician come back now with old Invoices over and above the actual lien ?

  55. squarryadministrator says:

    Cheryl, unfortunately we can only lookup lien records by name. If you know the name of the person in question we are happy to run a free lien search for you

  56. Cheryl Ulrich says:

    I am looking to see if there is a tax lien on this property .. 214314 County Rd. KK , Mosinee , Wisconsin

  57. squarryadministrator says:

    Maime, we are not showing any lien records for the address you listed. You might also want to check with the Fort Worth County Recorder or the Fort Worth Assessors Office. They should be able to provide you with definitive information about the property lien you’re interested in by referencing the name and address like you mentioned in your comment.

  58. Mamie Wright says:

    My name is mamie Wright and I would like to find out if there are any liens on the house im buying from Nancy Davis. My address is 4633 waterway drive north Ft. Worth Texas 76137

  59. squarryadministrator says:

    We ran a New Jersey lien record search for a John Graves and did not find any medical liens or medicaid liens. That being said, we do show a shoplifting charge for a John D Graves from 2014.

    What is a Medical Lien

    A medical lien is typically granted to patients without medical insurance that have been in some kind of accident and unable to pay for medical care. A doctor, or heath care professional, will then provide medical care on a contingency basis to be repaid by a settlement or other means.

  60. Jhon graves says:

    Need to know if i have a medical lien in millville Nj from medicad for a selttement

  61. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to find out about any potential property lien you will want to contact the county recorder or assessor’s office in your city or county. They can verify the status of any property lien or liens on other assets for the deceased.

    How to Find if there is a Lien on a House

    1. Contact or visit the County Recorder’s Office
    2. Contact or Visit the County Assessor’s Office
    3. Contact of Visit the Property Title Company

  62. Anna garrison says:

    Anna sue garrison girsst on will my is deceased trying to see if prpoerty has a lein

  63. squarryadministrator says:

    If you are attempting to apply for a FHA loan then you will want to contact the relevant courthouse about this lien search as they can offer you official information that can be used for lending, hiring, academic applications, security clearances, etc..

    A lien search can reveal all kinds of important information about debts that are unpaid or a loan that is still in effect. It’s best practice to verify your lien information on regular basis for accuracy as sometimes there are errors, especially if you’re trying to fix your background information for loans and such.

    Can a Lien Prevent You From Buying a House

    A lien can prevent you from buying a house, especially if you are trying to secure credit after a bankruptcy or a tax lien situation. Federal liens can make it difficult to secure a FHA loan or VA loan. The best practice would be to pay off your existing lien before trying to secure a home loan

  64. Jeremy says:

    I’m looking to get approved for an FHA loan and I fear I may have an IRS lien against me… is there any way to perform the search that the lender will perform to know if I’m in the clear or not? Can I simply contact my local courthouse? Thanks in advance

  65. squarryadministrator says:

    If you can provide us with your full name and address we will perform a free lien record search for you.

  66. Debra Glade says:

    Can I actually really find out if there is a lien on my house for free? Im a single mom and i do not have the money to pay even a little fee for one.

  67. squarryadministrator says:

    We can only perform a house lien by name with our database. You can check with the city recorder of your county if you want to see if there is a lien on your property.

  68. Daun says:

    Can I find out if my house has a Lien with out using my name. I don’t want to put that on internet and raise eye brows? Can you help if I just give address?

  69. squarryadministrator says:

    We will need to know the state and county where you reside to do more research for you about a medical lien. Can you also provide us with who has filed the medical lien against you? If you can provide us with some additional information we can better assist you with obtaining more information about your medical lien.

  70. squarryadministrator says:

    Why Do I Have a Medical Lien?

    A Medical Lien is a typically placed on a person’s assets to recover medical expenses from a personal injury. Doctors, health care providers, hospitals and other care physicians have the right to file a medical lien to recover expenses owed for their services.

  71. Merri Tripp Thornton says:

    Hello my name is Merri, And I have just recently received A personal injury settlement which informed me of a medical lien that was file against me .I am disable I have Medicare and Medicaid which pays 100%of my medical bills . i never Even got any notification or anything can you please help me with my search thank you. Sincerely merri T

  72. squarryadministrator says:


    Our database resources are not currently setup to search lien records by address. If you can provide us with the address you’re trying to find a lien on then we can do some further research for you.

    How to Search Liens on Property

    1. Lookup the county recorder or county assessor office
    2. Perform a property record search
    3. Locate the property title and lien holder

  73. dustin says:

    Why can we not search by address?

  74. squarryadministrator says:

    Hello John,

    We can lookup a specific tax lien or property lien record for a specific county however we do not provide listings. If you provide me the full name of the person in question I would be happy to perform a free lien search for you. I have included a link below for you to obtain listings for tax liens and property liens in your county.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  75. John says:

    I would like to acquire a list of tax lien or foreclosure property in my county. Hendersonville, NC.

  76. squarryadministrator says:

    Hello Charlotte,

    I’d be happy to help you locate a property lien for you. I will need your full name, state of residency and property address to perform a property lien search. I have included some useful links for lien records below as well as a link to our 5 day free trial where you can perform a free lien record search.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  77. Charlotte Reed says:

    I would like to check the liens on my property.

  78. squarryadministrator says:

    Hello Vicki,

    I would be happy to search a property lien record for you. Please just provide me the first and last name of the person you think has a lien record and their state of residence. Our public lien records search has listing for property liens, IRS liens, tax liens, mechanic liens, bank liens, HOA liens, personal liens and more.

    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  79. Vicki Boutsianis says:

    I just want to make sure there is nothing that would stop me from selling my house Free and Clear.
    Thank You,

    Vicki Boutsianis

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