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Lien Records

Lien Records Definition

When a person owes a creditor money, the creditor may legally put a lien on the debtor’s property. Also known as lien records. Liens are notices that informs others that a creditor is owed money. Once the lien is attached to the property, the debtor must pay off the lien in order to sell the property. Len records can be expunged once the debt is paid off however this can take a while.

There are several types of lien records. They are judgment liens, property tax liens, IRS liens, child support liens, mechanic’s liens and family law real property lien records. When performing a lien record search you should know the full name of the person as well as some secondary information like age or address or residence. There are many people with the same first and last name so i’ts important to verify that you’ve got the correct lien records for the correct person

Filing Lien Records Against Someone

Filing a lien against a person’s property is a fairly lengthy process. If you want to file a judgment lien to collect money that is owed to you, then there are certain steps that must be taken.

File a civil suit against the person who owes you money. In most states, you can only file a judgment lien after you have won a civil suit.

Understand the judgment lien rules in your state. After a period of time, a lien expires unless you renew it. You must become familiar with the rules in your state in order to maintain your rights.

File the relevant documents. The court system has forms that must be completed in order to initiate a judgment lien. Contact your local court to get the relevant documents. Submit your documents and pay the filing fee.

Wait for the person who owes you money to sell the property. It must be noted that you will only get your money when your debtor sells the property. A judgment lien does not guarantee that you will be paid. If the property is never sold, then you will not recoup your debt.

Find other legal options to collect the debt. There is a great chance that it will take a long time for you to get your money. Instead of waiting, you may want to pursue other legal options. You may be able to seek a wage garnishment or a bank levy. For more information, discuss your options with a collections attorney.

Filing a property lien can be time consuming and expensive. Before you file the lien, discuss the matter with your debtor. You may be able to arrange a payment plan to satisfy the debt. If the debtor refuses to cooperate, your only alternative may be to file a judgment lien.

Online Lien Records Search

To begin an online lien records search use the form above and enter a first and last name. Lien records are public records that are public domain. All online searches are anonymous an no one will know you’re looking up their lien records. Make sure to verify as much data as possible so you’re locating the correct liens.

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Lien Records

Lien Records

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