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Property Lien Search Information

Simply put, a property lien is a right that a property owner or the law gives to another person or authority when he/she takes a loan. For example, if you are taking a loan of $100,000 from a bank, the bank needs to have some kind of security to make sure you will pay the loan. So, you give bank the papers of your house and with them, the right to sell your house as collateral in case you are unable to pay the debt within the agreed time. To begin a Property Lien Search online, use the above form.

This is how creditors generally get their money back –– mortgages are the best example of this.

In the United States, a lien is considered as a public record filed with the county records office.

How to Place a Lien on Someone’s Property

While there can be several methods to collect such debts, one should ensure that they comply with the law. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Consult the attorney general of the state or a lawyer to determine specific case requirements. You may only be able to file a case for a limited time period.
  • To ensure the debtor’s presence in court and to give them time to prepare, make sure you notify them through registered mail. Do not skip this step!
  • For a favorable court ruling, ensure that every piece of evidence you have is presented.
  • Request a copy of the judgment from the clerk of court and record it against the debtor’s property. You may need it to get a lien placed on the debtor’s property.

How To Get The Lien Removed From Your Property?

To remove a lien from your property, you can opt for any of the following ways:

·         Pay the Property Lien Debt

The simplest way to get the lien removed from your property is to pay the debt. This will automatically remove the lien.

·         Get The Property Lien Removed From the Court

A court can remove a lien that was obtained through unlawful means or by providing wrong information to the court. If a debtor successfully proves that the lender misguided them while obtaining the lien, the court may order for the lien to be removed.

·         In Case When Lender Is Asking For More Money Than Is Owed

If a debtor proves in court that the lien holder is threatening him/her or using other wrong means to demand more money than he gave as loan, the court may remove the lien to punish the lien holder.

Check For Property Liens While Buying A Property

Many a times, people are fraudulently sold properties that have liens attached to them and the buyer only learns about it after taking over the property. To ensure that you do not fall prey to this trap, do check any property for a lien before buying it.

Searching online public records is the easiest way to find this information. Search Quarry is a public records website that allows users to search through all kinds of public records, including lien records, with just few clicks.


Property Lien Search
Property Lien Search

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  1. says:

    Hi am wanting to go thur an auction for a home its a tax lien home but i need to know if this home has any additional lien can you help me? Or if you can get me in contact with a ligetiment company that can help me that would be great thank you!

  2. says:


    We will need some additional information to run a Property Lien Search. We’ll need your full name and address to proceed. Below are some questions and feedback about property liens.

    Do I have a HELOC Lien?

    If you have a HELOC, or home equity line of credit, then the issuing bank has a lien on your home

    Do I have a 2nd Mortgage Lien?

    The answer is yes if you have a 2nd mortgage against your home

    Do I have an IRS Property Lien?

    Possibly if you’re late on paying your taxes. The IRS has the right to come after your money and your assets ( i.e. your home )

  3. says:

    Is there a lien on my home?

    My last name is Allison but the deed is still in my married name, Meads.

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