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Free Driving Record Report Search

In some states, not all, you can find a free driving record report by going into the relevant DMV and requesting a copy. Many times however there is a nominal fee to process this request. The second option to obtain a driving record report is to use a driving record report search through a 3rd party online public records website. Most driving record database services are not free so you might have to search around. In the above field you can perform a free preliminary driving record search by entering a first and last name. Then if you’re interested in obtain more information about someone’s driving history, including your own, you can choose from a few different membership options. All our driving record searches are anonymous and confidential, no one will know you’re looking up their driving record information.

What is a Driving Record Report?

You may be wondering what a driving record report is. A driving record is a public record that shows any traffic citations, driving history, years of driving experience and any DUI or DWI you might have received. If you have ever been found at fault for a traffic accident, it will also show up on your driving record.

If you have ever been issued a traffic citation, you may be wondering how long it will stay on your driving record. The answer to this depends on the nature of the violation and the state that you live in.

Collisions and minor traffic citations, such as speeding tickets, will stay on your record for three to seven years. A major traffic violation, such as driving under the influence, can stay on your record for up to ten years.

DMV Free Driving Record Report

A DMV free driving record report might be available depending on your state. Some DMV offices charge a nominal fee to process a copy of a person?s driving record or driving abstract. See our nationwide DMV Finder for more information about your local DMV and if they offer a free driving record report.

Driving Record Report Online

Because of the utility of a good driving record can have on them, a lot of people want to know how to look up these records, but many do not know where to start. There are many online public record repositories that claim they have driving records available for a small fee. Some of the more comprehensive websites offer a membership to view detailed information and get multiple online driving record searches.

Driving Record Report and Insurance Companies

Your driving record is important to insurance companies. Insurance companies closely monitor the driving records of all their members. If you have any speeding tickets or accidents on your driving record report, your insurance premium could go up. You may be dropped by your insurance company if you receive too many traffic citations. Monitoring your driving record and correcting any errors can save you a lot of coin.

Free Driving Record Report Information

Driving Record Report Online
Free Nationwide DMV Finder
Free DMV Driver Request Forms
Nationwide Driving Statistics
Drunk Driving Statistics
Driving Record Point System

Free Driving Record Report

Driving Record Reports Include

  1. Driver History
  2. Traffic Citations
  3. DUIs
  4. Arrest Records
  5. Warrants
  6. Court Records
  7. Criminal History

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is just what it sounds like, it’s focusing on something else than the road you’re driving on. Compared with drunk driving, distracted driving might not sound like such a big deal. After all, everyone gets distracted, right? Can being distracted for a few seconds really cause an accident? Unfortunately, yes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, accidents involving distracted driving resulted in more than 3,000 deaths in the United States in 2017. That’s more than eight deaths every day of the year. Distracted driving is deadly, so here are five dangerous habits of distracted drivers that you should avoid.

Distracted Driving Using a Smartphone

Maybe you want to shoot a quick text to a friend to let him or her know that you’re running late. Or, perhaps your smartphone is driving you crazy because it keeps dinging, and you want to check it. As tempting as it is to reach for your phone while behind the wheel, resist the urge. If you must use your phone while on the road, pull over to a safe place.

distracted drivingNavigation Systems are a Distraction for Drivers

Paper maps are going the way of the horse and buggy as more people shift to GPS systems in their vehicles. However, fiddling with your GPS can be as distracting as trying to drive while looking at an old-fashioned map. If you decide to use GPS, program your route before you hit the road. If you need to make adjustments along the way, pull over before doing so.

Conversations Can Lead to Distracted Driving

If you’re on the road with your friends, you probably don’t want to remain as silent as a statue. However, your primary responsibility is to drive safely, so anything else – including talking – should take second place to this task. If you’re easily distracted, keep conversation in the car to a minimum. When talking, don’t take your eyes off the road or turn around to look at passengers in the back seat.

Driving Distracted While Playing Music

Maybe your car has an incredible sound system, and you love to play your favorite tunes while cruising the streets. Driving while listening to music can get your adrenaline pumping, but music can also be a huge distraction. Some traffic safety experts recommend that teenagers and other new drivers avoid listening to music in the car for at least six months after getting their license. If you do listen to music in your vehicle, don’t shuffle through your playlist while driving. Get your music queued up before you take off.

Distracted Driving While Eating

Your car might seem like a great place to have a quick snack if you’re on the go and can’t stop to eat. However, snacking can take your attention away from the road. Plan your trip so that you’ll have time to eat either before your journey or after you arrive at your destination.

Snacking, navigating, conversing, listening to music, and doing anything with your phone can easily distract you from driving safely. If you avoid these five dangerous habits, you’ll help to keep the roads safer for everyone.

Run a Driving Record Search on Myself

  • People order driving records because they want to know their license’s official status and see what’s there in their record simply out of curiosity.
  • For employment. Certain types of jobs (those of commercial drivers or those which include travelling within the city in your own car) require you to have a clean driving record. They ask for its official copy to make sure you are perfect for the job.
  • Students may need to provide a copy of their driving record in order to be eligible for financial aid (particularly from the federal government). Students may become ineligible for some financial aid programs if they have a history of DUI charges or convictions.
  • Insurance agents also assess a person’s driving record and history to determine the rate of the auto insurance policy granted to them.

Driving Record Search

Do I Have a Suspended Drivers License?

For most people, being able to drive is a necessity. From getting to work to running errands to picking up the kids from school, you may find it hard to imagine life without a car. However, in the eyes of the law driving is not a right, it is a privilege, and a long list of offenses can result in a suspended drivers license, even offenses that have nothing to do with driving. That means your driver’s license may have been suspended without you even realizing it. Below is a look at how your license can get suspended, how to find out if it has been, and how to get it reinstated.

Suspended Drivers License Reasons

The reasons why your driver’s license may be suspended depend on the state that issued your license. Certain offenses will usually result in an automatic suspended drivers license, such as for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In some states, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, and not carrying auto insurance, will also result in an automatic suspension, while in other states your license will only be suspended for a repeat of such offenses. Accumulating enough points on your driving record or not showing up in court for a traffic violation could also result in a suspended driver’s license.

If you are a minor then there are additional offenses that may land you a suspended driver’s license. In Connecticut, for example, minors who are caught in possession of alcohol can lose their license. In some states, young drivers may even receive a suspended driving license for being truant from school.

Controversially, failing to pay certain fees and fines can also result in you losing your driving privileges, even if those fees have nothing to do with the quality of your driving. In many states, for example, falling behind on your child support payments will lead to a license suspension. Some states will suspend your license for failing to pay court fees or traffic fines. This is a controversial practice since many people rely on their vehicles in order to keep their jobs and pay those fees in the first place. California, for example, used to suspend driver’s licenses for unpaid traffic fines but recently announced that it would discontinue the practice.

How to Find Out If I Have a Suspended Drivers License

You should have received a notice from your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent agency if your license has been suspended. However, errors do happen and these notices do not always reach their intended recipient. To find out if your license has been suspended you can contact your DMV directly. Many states, such as Florida, now allow you to look up your driving record online. Alternatively, you can head to your DMV in person or contact them by mail. You can also use third-party databases, such as SearchQuarry.com, if you are curious about the status of your driving record.

Suspended Drivers License

How Do You Get Your Suspended Drivers License Reinstated?

To get your license reinstated you will have to meet certain conditions that are dependent on why your license was suspended in the first place. For example, if you lost your license because of unpaid tickets then you will need to pay those tickets first. For certain offenses, such as a points suspension, you can only apply for reinstatement after a certain period of time. Most states also require you to pay a reinstatement fee. Many states, such as Colorado, now allow you to apply for reinstatement of your license online. In other states you may have to visit the DMV in person or send your application in through the mail.

A suspended driver’s license is more than just an inconvenience; it can make it difficult to hold down a job, get you children to and from school, or even buy groceries and other necessities. That is why you should do everything you can do make sure you don’t lose your license, including paying any outstanding traffic fines. If your license has been suspended, then you should act quickly to get it reinstated as soon as possible.

Driver Record Abstract Request

A Driver Record Abstract is a written history of violations, convictions, collisions and departmental actions incurred by a driver over a period of time. These records can be requested by the driver, attorneys, law agencies, government agencies, insurance agencies, schools, prospective employers, or volunteer organizations for a variety of reasons. Several types of records exist and may be requested:

Driver History Abstract Includes

A driving record abstract may include the following: convictions, violations, collisions, suspensions, revocations, disqualifications, deferred prosecutions and failures to appear in court, drunk driving records, arrests, convictions and police records.

Noncommercial  Driver Record Abstract

This record is used to create or renew noncommercial motor vehicle insurance policies. It includes the previous three years’ noncommercial driving statistics including: convictions, violations, collisions, and failures to appear.

Commercial Insurance Driver Abstract

Insurance companies use this record to create or renew commercial motor vehicle insurance policies. It includes the same items as the noncommercial insurance abstract.

Life Insurance Driver Abstract

Insurance companies utilize this record to create or renew life insurance policies. It includes both commercial and non-commercial statistics concerning convictions, violations, collisions, and failures to appear.

Employment Driver Abstract

Prospective employers use this report to determine whether a driver should be employed. The statistics included are convictions, violations, collisions, suspensions, revocations, disqualifications, deferred prosecutions, and failures to appear.

Carpool Driver Abstract

Transit authority agents use this driver record abstract to determine whether a volunteer driver meets the insurance and risk management requisites to drive a carpool vehicle. The record includes the same statistics as the employment record abstract. Volunteer agencies use this report to decide whether a volunteer fulfills the criteria to drive a vehicle for the organization. The record includes the same statistics as the volunteer carpool driver abstract.

School Bus Driver Abstract

School districts use this driver record abstract to decide whether a person should be employed to operate a school bus. The record includes the same statistics as the volunteer for organization driver abstract.

Driver Record Abstract

How Do I Get My Driving Record Abstract?

Driver Record Abstracts can be requested online or in writing from the driver’s local Department of Motor Vehicles. The applicant must submit the Driver License Record Request Form which includes: the individual’s full name, date of birth or approximate age, social security number, driver license number (if available), the address to which the abstract is to be sent, and the appropriate Driver History Records fee.

Driving Record Questions and Answers

Are Driving Records Public Information?

Yes, driving records are public domain so anyone can lookup your driving record with a first and last name

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    • Police Records
    • Court Records
    • Criminal Records

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