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Florida Driver Record

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Florida Driver Record Search

One’s Florida driver record is an important document that he or she may need for a variety of purposes. One reason that a person may need a driving record is to apply for a job as a driver. The company will want to see how reliable the person is before hiring him or her to drive a vehicle. An individual may need Florida driver records for insurance purposes, as well. A car rental company my also ask for such information every now and again. The following is some information on how a Florida resident can get his or her driving record online or in person.

Florida Driver Record Types

The types of records that one can get varies depending on how far the person wants to go back in history. He or she could request a three-year Florida driver record, seven-year record, or a complete driving record. The option to get a certified record is available. The items that go on the report are details such as license distribution dates, suspension periods, car accidents, traffic violations and the like. Anything that the person has done will go on the report.

Florida Driver Record in Person

To get a Florida record of driving, the driver will have to visit a facility that belongs to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Each County should have at least one. For example, one would have to visit Tallahassee if he or she wanted to pick up the records in person. The Tallahassee Bureau of Records is located at 2900 Apalachee Pkwy, MS 89 in Tallahassee, FL at zip code 32399-0500. The email address is HSMV-Records@flhsmv.gov, and the phone number is 850-617-2702. The person would have to show up with the appropriate identification.

Florida Driver Record Online

Two choices are available when a person wants to get his or her driving records online. The one choice is a to order them at the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle website. That option is free. The individual just has to pay the cost for the records. However, the information may take two weeks to get to him or her. The person can use a speedier process by paying about $30 extra. The customer may be able to get the report right away. The process is very easy, and the person will have a heap of phone and email support.

Florida Driver Record

Florida Driver Record

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