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Buffalo City Court Records Search

Buffalo City, located in Western New York, is home to a variety of courts that handle a wide range of cases. From small claims to criminal trials, the courts in Buffalo City play a crucial role in the justice system. In this article, we will explore the different types of courts in here, the common cases heard in these courts, and the types of public records that are available to the public.

To begin your Buffalo City court records search you only need some basic information. You can run this search with a first and last name, or the court case number if you know it. From there, all you need is to plug that information into either the courthouse website, or a public records site to find what you are looking for.

Types of Courts in Buffalo City New York

The judicial system here is broken up into three main courts. They are the City Courthouse, Civil Courthouse, Criminal Courthouse, and Traffic Violations Agency. Each of these courthouses has its own jurisdiction and handles different types of cases. You can access records from each of these by registering on their respective websites and making your inquiry online.

City Courthouse

The City Court of Buffalo NY is the main courthouse in the city and has jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases. It is divided into two parts: the Civil Part and the Criminal Part. The Civil Part handles cases involving disputes between individuals or organizations, such as landlord-tenant disputes, small claims, and contract disputes. The Criminal Part handles misdemeanor cases, such as traffic violations, petty theft, and assault.

Civil Courthouse

The Civil Courthouse is a specialized division that handles civil cases exclusively. It has jurisdiction over cases involving disputes between people and businesses, such as personal injury, property damage, and contract disputes. They also handle small claims court cases up to $5,000.

Criminal Courthouse

The Criminal Courthouse is another specialized division that handles criminal cases exclusively. It handles misdemeanor and felony cases, including traffic violations, drug offenses, and violent crimes. This division also conducts arraignments and preliminary hearings for some felony cases before they are transferred to other courts in the state.

Buffalo City Traffic Violations Agency

The Buffalo City Traffic Violations Agency is responsible for handling traffic violations within the city. They manage cases including traffic infractions, such as speeding, running a red light, and driving without a license. It also handles parking violations and red light camera tickets.

Criminal Record Search

Cases Heard in the City Court of Buffalo New York

The types of cases vary quite a bit depending on their respective jurisdiction. However, these are some of the most common cases heard in the city:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Small claims cases
  • Contract disputes
  • Traffic violations
  • Misdemeanor offenses
  • Felony offenses

You can access most case information and obtain official records by contacting the respective online portals, or contacting the courthouse clerk. If you do not need official documentation of a case, then it’s often easier to obtain information from public record websites. They offer quick access and anonymous searching.

Types of Public Records Available

The New York State Unified Court System provides access to a variety of public records for cases heard in Buffalo City courts. These records are available to the public and can be accessed online through the respective websites, or in person at the courthouse clerk’s office.

Some of the most common types of public records available include:

You can access most of these records online however, some information is sealed for individuals protection. These may include those cases involving minors or juveniles or national security related cases.


The Buffalo judicial system handles a wide range of cases and providing access to public records. This publicly available information is made available for lawyers, researches, or those wanting to research a person’s criminal background. By utilizing the resources provided by the New York State Unified Court System, individuals can access important information and stay informed about the cases being heard in their community.

Buffalo City Court Records

Buffalo City Court Record - FAQ

How can I access Buffalo City court records online?

You can access court case records online through the courthouse website, or using a public records website. Either is fine however with a public record site you can also find out a person's criminal history or run a comprehensive background check.

What are some common cases heard in Buffalo City NY courts?

Some of the most common cases include landlord-tenant disputes, small claims cases, contract disputes, traffic citations, misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Are all court records in Buffalo City publicly available?

Most court case are publicly available however, cases involving minors, sensitive issues, or national security cases are sealed for protection. All others can be view online through a public record website.

Can I search Buffalo court cases by name?

Yes, most court websites, and public record sites allow you to search either by name or case number.

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