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Tarrant County Court Records

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Tarrant County Court Records Search

The proceedings of court cases are preserved religiously. They are used later on for various purposes, mostly by the law enforcement agencies and the legal system itself. However, lately, the records have also been opened for public access. Earlier, the data system was maintained on paper but now, it has been transferred to electronic mediums in all the counties of U.S.A. The court records of Tarrant County are maintained by the Tarrant County Court Clerk. To begin your Tarrant County Court Records Search use the above form.

The records are available at Tarrant County  online. You can look up by the option of Criminal Records or Court Case Calendar. The records are searched by the system upon specification by case, citation, defendant, attorney or date of the case. Once that is specified, the following specifics need to be presented.

Accessing Tarrant County Court Records In Person

You will need to provide the case number along with the status of the case and the date on which it was filed. To visit the the Tarrant County Court Clerk online, click here.

Obtaining Defendant & Attorney Information

If you search the defendant name, you will have to specify the name of the party charged with the crime, his or her birth date, case status and the date of the filing of the case. For searches through the court attorney, the similar set of information will be required, except for the date of birth.

The Date Field and citation require provision of case status and the date of the opening and closing of the file.

If someone wants to access information in person, then charges will be applicable as the staff will have to search for the information. Limited documents are available for public access as some files have been sealed by the order of the court. The ones open for public use include the documents on criminal, civil and felony cases. In order to request for records to be accessed through mail or in person, a request will need to be submitted to the Court Clerk’s office. A standard fee will apply on the provision of certified and non-certified copies of Tarrant County court records.

Tarrant County Court Records

Tarrant County Court Records

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