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Oklahoma Inmate Finder

Listed below is the state sponsored inmate finder for the state of Oklahoma

Oklahoma State Inmate Finder

Oklahoma Inmate Finder Information

Oklahoma Inmate Finder is operated by Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The website provides an online facility to get information on offenders. The records are limited to files on offenders who are sentenced to a period of probation or imprisonment under the jurisdiction of Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The Oklahoma Inmate Finder is regularly updated to keep the information as accurate as possible but does not take responsibility in case of any error. The users are solely responsible for any consequences in case usage of provided information causes issues.

The sole purpose of information provided by Oklahoma Department of Correction through Oklahoma Inmate Finder is public safety. The inmates can be searched using the first name, the last name or the Oklahoma Department of Corrections number provided by the department. It may also include aliases. Oklahoma Inmate Finder also has the feature of wildcard searches. You may enter a random name o initials, and the results would show all possible records related to it. This allows for a more elaborate search in case you don’t know the full name of the inmate you are trying to find.

The results may or may not provide complete details. The information that might not be revealed in searches can include the current location of the inmate under probation or incarceration, their current status, the projected release date, etc. in case any user of the Inmate Finder wants to obtain more information, it can be provided with a complete criminal record of the offender by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation upon request. In case you want to find if a particular inmate has received Pardon from the Governor, he is encouraged to contact the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board. Queries and feedback is taken by the Central Records office of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections at (405) 425-2500.

Oklahoma Inmate Finder

Oklahoma Inmate Finder

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