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South Carolina DMV – Department of Motor Vehicles

 Nobody enjoys a trip to the DMV, but thanks to the internet those trips are becoming less and less frequent. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) boasts a website that is easy to use and features many services that can be completed partially or fully online. While visiting the South Carolina DMV in person is still sometimes unavoidable, below we will look at how many vehicle and SC driver license services can now be done from the comfort of your home

South Carolina DMV Driving Records

 The South Carolina DMV allows you to request your certified driving record through an online form. You can request either a three-year or ten-year record and the cost is just $6. Conveniently, if you are only looking to find out how many points are on your driving record, you can get a points summary from the DMV online. The points summary is quick and easy to get and completely free of charge

Alternatively, if you are looking for an uncertified and unofficial copy of your driving record, you may want to try a third-party database, like While an uncertified copy of your driving record is not appropriate if you need it for employment, legal, financial, or other official purposes, it can be a great way to find out what information is on your record for your own personal sake.

 South Carolina DMV Driver’s License

 The South Carolina DMV allows you to renew your South Carolina driver’s license online for a new SC eight year driver’s license so long as you meet the following conditions below. 

South Carolina Drivers License Requirements

   You are a U.S. citizen

•   You have a Class D, E, F, G, M, or any combination thereof license

   Your license is not expired, suspended, or about to be suspended

   You do not have more than five points on your driving record

   Your Social Security Number and name match what is on file at the Social Security Administration

   You did not renew your license online or via mail when you last renewed it

   You are not classified as a Convicted Violent Offender by the South Carolina DMV

   You are not currently on a conditional or restricted license

   You do not have a commercial driver’s license

If you do not meet the above conditions, then you may still be able to renew your license through the mail. However, most of the conditions for renewing online are the same as renewing through the mail. As a result, you may have to visit a DMV office in person for your license renewal. You can find a  list of DMV offices by clicking here.

 South Carolina DMVSouth Carolina Driver Request Forms

 The South Carolina DMV website includes a well-organized page dedicated to Forms and Manuals, which you will find here. The page is broken down into different sections, such as forms for dealers, insurance, license plates, commercial drivers, and so on.

 South Carolina Traffic Citations

 Getting a traffic ticket is definitely a pain, but the good news is that in South Carolina you can usually pay your fines online. You will find here the page for paying most traffic tickets issued in South Carolina online. These are typically fines issued by state troopers, such as speeding fines. If you received a municipal traffic fine, like a parking ticket, then you may have to visit the courthouse or other municipal building in person to pay your fine or do so through the mail. While many municipalities now allow you to pay for traffic citations online, not all do. Check your citation for more information.

 South Carolina Vehicle Registration

 South Carolina allows you to renew your vehicle’s registration online. However, before doing so you must ensure that your property taxes have been paid and you must have informed the DMV of who your car insurance provider is. You must also ensure that your current address is up to date with the DMV. You will only be able to complete your renewal online if you received a registration renewal notice from the DMV. In some cases, even after you have paid your taxes, you may still not have received a registration renewal notice. This is usually because the registration renewal fee was not paid at the time you paid your taxes or because you were late paying for your renewal and you still owe the DMV a late fee.

 South Carolina Driving Test

 You will need to complete a road test if you are applying for your first regular (Class D) license.  South Carolina driver road test can be scheduled online through the South Carolina DMV website. Most scheduled road tests take place Monday to Friday between 2:00 and 4:30 p.m. at official DMV branches. The only exception is the Allendale branch, which schedules road tests for Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Walk-in appointments are also available from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Note that you can take the road test for a regular license at any DMV branch except for the one at Myrtle Beach – Commons. 


How can I get my South Carolina DMV driving record?

You can visit the South Carolina DMV website and order a copy of your driving record online for a small fee. You will need to verify your identity and fill out the form MV-70. Processing by mail may take a few weeks. You can expedite getting your SC driving record by visiting a DMV office in person.

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Responses to “South Carolina DMV Records

  1. says:

    RYA, you might consider visiting a physical branch and bringing in your identification and asking them this question in person. Often times a DMV office is very busy and wait times can be extraordinarily high over the phone

  2. says:

    I have a Ga ID and had my DL. I need a copy of what class I need to take to reinstate my Ga. I had a DWI in 2013 in South Carolina. How can get this information if nobody answers or calls you back? Thanks

  3. says:

    Terry, most of the time the answer is yes. You will want to visit the South Carolina DMV website directly and setup an account and pay your fines and fees online.

  4. says:

    Can I make payment for ns suspended drivers license on-line

  5. says:

    You may need to take the South Carolina driving exam with the South Carolina DMV and most likely take both the drivers knowledge exam as well as the driving skills test. In addition you will need to provide proof of identification and your previous driving record. Your best option is to contact the South Carolina DMV directly about your inquiry.

    Can I get a South Carolina driver’s license with my international license?

    It is possible to get a South Carolina driver’s license without having to take the knowledge and skill driver’s exam depending on what country your existing driver’s permit is from. You will need to provide proof of identification and your previous driving record. You can go to the South Carolina DMV website and begin by filling out forl MV-94

  6. says:

    I had driving license in Vietnam already with type B2 so will it be accepted in South Carolina or i have to register to take exam again?

  7. says:

    You can change your South Carolina driver’s license address online through the SCDMV portal. You will need your driver’s license number, social security number and date of birth to change your SC drivers license address online. Then after this is completed a new SC driver’s license can be mailed to you for an extra charge but a new vehicle registration card will be mailed to you.

    South Carolina Driver’s License Address Change

    1. Go to the South Carolina DMV website
    2. Complete the Change of Address Form online
    3. Provide your SSN, DOB and Driver’s License Number
    4. Submit the Form and your Address will be Updated
    5. You can buy a New Driver’s License if wanted

  8. says:

    Change address on drivers licenses on line?

  9. says:

    South Carolina vehicle registration fees are typically non transferable even if your vehicle has an issue that makes it non operational. This means that it’s not usually transferable to another vehicle even in these circumstances. Your best bet is to change the registration of your “blown” vehicle to a non-operational status with the South Carolina DMV and request that the difference in the tag fees be prorated and sent back to you. We are uncertain if there is a precedence for this. Your best option would be to contact the SC DMV directly to inquire about your situation. Unfortunately there is not any specific information we can find from the SC DMV that discusses this specific situation. Below is the contact information for the SCDMV directly, they can better assist you with this inquiry.

    SCDMV Contact Information

    Phone Number: 803-896-5000

  10. says:

    I have turned in my latest tag from our latest vehicle. It was not expired. However, I did let the insurance lapse due to the motor being blown in this vehicle. I now have another vehicle and would like to transfer this tag. Can I still do this?

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