Riverside County Court Records

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Riverside County Court Records Search

The Riverside county court exercises control over Riverside County court cases and needs to be contacted to obtain certified Court Records. If you need an unofficial copy, of Riverside county court records, for reference use the above form and enter a first and last name to begin.

Since courts are broadly categorized into 2 types, i.e. Federal and State, court records are also of 2 types;

  • Federal Court Records ? These are compilations created by a federal court of all cases that are tried under federal law.
  • State Court Records ? State court records include details of the cases that are tried under the state law.

Another category of the court records which comes within the state records is the ?county court records?.

What Cases are Included in Riverside County Court Records?

A court generally keeps records of the cases regarding:

Court Records in California

California?s Department of Justice neither maintains nor provides copies of superior and local court records of California. The county court which exercises control over your case needs to be contacted to obtain certified copies of court records.

Riverside County Court Records

Around 150 million court cases are filed in various U.S. courts every year. This means that court records are overflowing with the documents and information related to various cases. To obtain a copy of any case from Riverside County Court Records, you need to provide some details. They include:

  • The name or the number of the court case
  • Judge?s name
  • The court where the case was filed
  • Subject matter or any other details you may know regarding the case

The Superior Court of California County of Riverside provides online services that allow you to search case records, follow a particular active case, to make requests for online copies or transcripts of records and many other services.

Narrowing down your search increases the likelihood that you get the desired information quickly. To do that, do a little research, such as which category the case belongs to (civil or criminal), where it was heard and other details mentioned above. The more details you could provide for identification, the earlier your request will be processed.

Riverside County Court Records
Riverside County Court Records

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Responses to “Riverside County Court Records

  1. says:

    Sara, if this is an ongoing case we will not have access to this Riverside court case information. You may want to reach out to the clerk of the courts to inquire about the status of your son’s Riverside court case

  2. says:

    Hello I am the mother of Marcos a alcala d.o.b 08/25/92 I’m currently in able to go in person do to me being in Mexico and have no way to get information on my son’s case is there a possibility you can email me any court information on his case thank you

  3. says:

    Johnette, we’re happy to assist you with a Riverside court record lookup but we’ll need your husbands full name and age to proceed

  4. says:

    Hi i just anted to see what they have my husband it\’s close now and i wanablook it up and go over o why do i have to pay to look at court records? U can email me back

  5. says:

    If something was filed yesterday it will most likely not be in our Riverside court records just yet. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for these records to be updated. You can also contact the Riverside county courthouse clerk and request a copy of this court record if it was filed there, otherwise you can contact the relevant courthouse clerk and inquire there.

  6. says:

    How frequently is the court records search results updated? If something was filed yesterday would it appear in the search today?

  7. says:

    Unfortunately we cannot view ongoing cases. That being said, in Riverside county a person of interest basically means that person who has been involved or a witness of a criminal investigation.

    What is a Person of Interest?

    A person of interest is someone who has been involved in a crime that is being investigated by law enforcement. This person of interest typically has not been accused of a crime or arrested. This person might be a suspect or a witness but is involved in a criminal investigation

  8. says:

    My boyfriend\’s name is James Carroll and there is a civil case in Riverside that he is listed as a person of interest on. The case number is RIC1901867. What does this mean. I accidentally stumbled on this case or else we would not even know that it exists.

  9. says:

    We show a charge for a California state parole violation but it doesn’t say anything about Riverside county on this record. You might also want to check with the Riverside sheriff department as they should have more details on this open warrant.

  10. says:

    My son is in Federal custody at this time and is trying to find out if he has any warrants in the Riverside County. His name is Anthony Tyrone Mack. His DOB is 4/15/77. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

  11. says:

    You will need to contact the Riverside courthouse clerk where your son’s trial took place and inquire with them. We cannot comment on if obtaining video evidence from a previous Riverside county court case trial is an option. The courthouse clerk will better assist you with this. You might also request a copy of the court dockets from the Riverside court clerk so that you have a much information as possible if you’re looking to review his court case.

  12. says:

    Is it possible for me to obtain a copy of a video that was evidence at my sons trial ? If so where would I go to obtain this.

  13. says:

    In order to obtain an official copy of your Riverside divorce record or Riverside county court record you will need to reach out to the courthouse clerk where your divorce was filed and processed. They can offer you an official copy which is what you need for TSA pre-check registration.

  14. says:

    I am looking for my decree of divorce. I do not know the exact year but believe it to be between 1990-1992. The parties are: Connie Jo Smith (me) v. William Wray Smith or it could be listed as Connie J. Smith v. William W. Smith. I need to obtain a copy of this decree for a TSA pre-check registration and interview. I was (and am) a current resident of Riverside, Riverside County, California. I hope you can assist me. Thank you!

  15. says:

    Unfortunately we do not have any information listed for the people you mentioned in our Riverside county court record database. A good option would be to hire a private detective to assist you with finding these people as well as information about their estate that is in jeopardy.

  16. says:

    I am an attorney in Israel and would like to contact Hon. J. Kira Klatchko about relatives who are registered owners of a parcel of land in Israel. They are Anita Rachel (Klatchko) Bromberg, whom we believe lives in Johanessburg, South Africa, and her brother Max Katchko who lives somewhere in the US. They inherited the land under the will of their late father Joshua Klatchko, who died in Israel. The attorney who handled the estate is no longer alive. The Israel Real Estate Tax Authority has hired a lawyer to collect a property tax debt and/or sell the land in receivership if the above owners are not located.

  17. says:

    Hello Christopher,

    I do show there are Riverside County Court Records for Raymond North but not Cornelia Wolf. I would also contact the Riverside county court clerk for more information about Cornelia Wolf’s court records. I have included some useful links for you below as well as a link to our 5 Day Free trial so you can lookup these Riverside court records for yourself.


    Best Regards,

    The Search Quarry Team

  18. says:

    Raymond Louis North and cornelia nancy volf

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