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Riverside County Court Records

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Riverside County Court Records Search

The Riverside county court exercises control over Riverside County court cases and needs to be contacted to obtain certified Court Records. If you need an unofficial copy, of Riverside county court records, for reference use the above form and enter a first and last name to begin.

Since courts are broadly categorized into 2 types, i.e. Federal and State, court records are also of 2 types;

  • Federal Court Records – These are compilations created by a federal court of all cases that are tried under federal law.
  • State Court Records – State court records include details of the cases that are tried under the state law.

Another category of the court records which comes within the state records is the ‘county court records’.

What Cases are Included in Riverside County Court Records?

A court generally keeps records of the cases regarding:

Court Records in California

California’s Department of Justice neither maintains nor provides copies of superior and local court records of California. The county court which exercises control over your case needs to be contacted to obtain certified copies of court records.

Riverside County Court Records

Around 150 million court cases are filed in various U.S. courts every year. This means that court records are overflowing with the documents and information related to various cases. To obtain a copy of any case from Riverside County Court Records, you need to provide some details. They include:

  • The name or the number of the court case
  • Judge’s name
  • The court where the case was filed
  • Subject matter or any other details you may know regarding the case

The Superior Court of California County of Riverside provides online services that allow you to search case records, follow a particular active case, to make requests for online copies or transcripts of records and many other services.

Narrowing down your search increases the likelihood that you get the desired information quickly. To do that, do a little research, such as which category the case belongs to (civil or criminal), where it was heard and other details mentioned above. The more details you could provide for identification, the earlier your request will be processed.

Riverside County Court Records

Riverside County Court Records

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