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In the member’s area you will find our “Background Checks” section. Background check records searches include warrant records, court records, sex offenders, inmate records, jail records, birth records, death records, marriage records, divorce records, driving records, vehicle records, people search, and phone number lookups.

Can I Peform a Free Background Check?

Performing a background check can be useful in many situations. If you’d like to check up on someone without involving a for-pay service, it just takes a little time and creativity.

If you’ve never looked for information on yourself, you may be surprised at how much is available. Besides the mundane facts, you could turn up an embarrassing moment from your past. Checking up on yourself is also a good way to practice doing background checks.

You should be able to obtain the name, address, phone number, employer and social media habits of most people. The best place to start is with the most popular search engines and social networks: Google, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. You will get the best results if you enter the person’s name in quotes and another piece of information. For instance, “John Doe” dentist Chicago, or “Jane Doe” kindergarten teacher Atlanta.

Facebook is full of people’s personal information. Anyone who is careful can hide a great deal from Facebook, but most people aren’t very careful. Look beyond a person’s own page. Check out their comments and pictures and you are likely to get a good idea of what they are really like.

Twitter doesn’t have much identifying information, but if you can positively link a twitter handle to an individual, you can learn a great deal from their tweet history. Also, have a look at who they follow. Even if they don’t tweet very often, you may gain some insight from seeing what kind of twitter users they follow.

LinkedIn is aimed at business networkers. As such, people tend to be much more careful about what they share, but it is still worth checking.

To obtain a person’s phone number and address, start by putting the person’s name into It returns an address as well as the phone number. If you already have the address, or at least a city and state, you can narrow down the results. If all you have is a phone number, search Google and Facebook. People will often leave their phone numbers in a comment somewhere. This also works when you only have an email address.

Criminal records require the use of a specialty web site. Here at we provide some of the most affordable background checks available, complete with criminal records, lien records, phone records, and more. and both offer a great deal of information for free.

If you’d like to know who runs a particular website, Google “whois”, pick a service and enter the website name. This should return the name and contact information of the person who registered the domain name. If they’ve paid for anonymous registration, you will only get the name of the registrar.

Remember that there are legitimate reasons a person might not have much personal information available on line. Some people simply don’t use social media. Older people may have an entire lifetime of history that has never been put into digital form. Caution is warranted when forming an opinion about someone based only on your online research.

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