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Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission

Mississippi, like all other states in the US, has a government agency in charge of almost everything vehicle related that happens in the state. From the sale of new cars to license renewal, obtaining driving records and getting a title, there is a government agency that must be involved. For Mississippi vehicle registration and driver licensing the Mississippi MVC (MMVC.ms.gov) is the government agency in charge of these services, which is knows as the DMV in most other states. Use this guide to learn more about how you can take care of basic things like renewing your license in Mississippi, as well as more complex tasks like opening a business to sell cars within the state.

The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) has offices in Jackson where business owners can go to obtain a license to manufacture or sell motor vehicles within the state. In Mississippi, even salespeople who work within the car industry must go through the MVC before starting work.

While most car buyers aren’t too familiar with the MVC, checking to make sure a dealer is registered is a smart way to find out if they’re a legitimate seller. You can also use their website to check dealer registration and see if there are complaints against a dealer before you consider buying a car from them.

Mississippi MVCMississippi Driving Records

A Mississippi driving record is public information, and many aspects of an individual’s Mississippi driving record are available to the general public. The easiest way to obtain this information is to do so online through the Department of Public Safety.

Obtaining a copy of your driving record can help you get information like how many points you currently have against you. This information can be valuable when obtaining car insurance or dealing with a dispute related to an accident.

If you would prefer not to get your driving record online, you can get a certified copy at your local Department of Motor Vehicles branch. E-mail request forms are accepted so you can go and pick up your driving record faster.

As of 2018, a driver must pay an $11 fee to obtain a copy of their driving record.

Mississippi Vehicle Registration

Registering your car in the state of Mississippi is similar to almost every other state in the US. While cars new to the state will need to be inspected in person at your local tax collector’s office, you can usually register an existing vehicle through the mail or online when forms are mailed to you for renewal. Emissions testing is not required in the state of Mississippi.

If you are new to the state, you have 30 days to register your vehicle. If you do not do it within those 30 days, you will be hit with late fees and a $250 fine. You can obtain a temporary 7-day tag in Mississippi that extends the time you have to register your car. These vehicle tags are also called drive-out tags and can be used when you buy a new or used car from a dealer and don’t yet have your plates.

Another option you have is to go to your local Mississippi MVC to get the forms you need to register your car if you did not get a notification through the mail. Some Mississippi MVC offices accept registration payments and can get the ball rolling for you so you don’t have to pay a late fee.

Mississippi Driver’s License Renewal

Driver’s license renewal in the state of Mississippi is typically done through the mail or online for drivers with clean records. Most residents find the Mississippi Department of Public Safety renewal portal to be the simplest way to update their driver’s license if they don’t have issues that need to be taken care of first. However, this portal is not available at all times of day.

If you cannot renew through the mail or online, or you need to have your picture updated, you will need to visit a driver license station in your area. These driver license stations are part of the Mississippi MVC offices and are located throughout the state. Other locations like Mississippi Department of Public Safety office and the Highway Patrol driver services station are also options.

Bring your current driver license with you when you visit a driver license station. If you don’t have a current driver license, take a photo ID or valid passport with you.

Mississippi Vehicle Title Transfer

Completing a vehicle title transfer in Mississippi is a relatively straightforward process. To do this, the seller must sign over the physical title to the buyer and complete an odometer disclosure form.

From there, the buyer must pay the $9 title transfer fee and any applicable registration fees and taxes. All forms must be submitted in person to the Mississippi Department of Revenue to register the vehicle in the new owner’s name.

 Mississippi MVC Driver Services

 Mississippi offers a wide range of online services for existing drivers and individuals who have registered vehicles within the state. You can also obtain your driving record and basic information about your license through the driver self-service portal of the Department of Revenue website.

Through this portal, you can handle basic tasks like renewing your driver’s license, renewing your ID card, paying your reinstatement fee, requesting your driving record and obtaining driver’s license manuals. You can also submit your CDL medical card and get access to frequently asked questions that may help you find the answers you’re looking for. Many Mississippi MVC services can be handled online to save you the time of going to a physical office and waiting in line.


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