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Hennepin County, Minnesota Warrants

Are you wondering if you or a loved one has an active warrant in Hennepin County, Minnesota? Many people are not even aware in the United States every year that there is a warrant issued in their name. They only realize they have a warrant issued for their arrest when they are pulled over for a speeding citation. Then, after confidently telling police their name, believing no harm, the police officer tells them they are under arrest for a warrant. A horrible situation for anyone to experience, and to avoid this, it’s a good idea to learn how to search for a warrant. Continue reading to find out how.

What Is a Hennepin County Warrant

Hennepin County Warrant SearchLet’s begin by defining a warrant and how it is used. Official warrants are signed by either a judge and give police the authority to arrest those listed on the warrant. In most cases, an arrest warrant specifies the crime for which an arrest is authorized as well as how the arrest will occur.

For example, a warrant might state that it is only legal to arrest someone between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. at their home residence. Also, the warrant may specify how much bail is required for the defendant to be released following their arrest. Citizens may wonder if a warrant is a public record that must be made available to the public. Under the Freedom of Information Act, individuals are able to access government records, if not one of nine exemptions apply to them. You have the right to conduct research on Hennepin County warrants if you or someone you know have one.

Hennepin County Arrest Warrant vs. Bench Warrants: What’s the Difference

The judge authorizes police officers to arrest individuals on different types of warrants: arrest and bench. If officers have reasonable suspicions that criminal activity is taking place, they issue arrest warrants. Defendants who fail to appear at court when summoned by the judge after missing a court date can be issued a bench warrant by the judge. In response to the warrant, the judge instructs the police to bring the defendant in for prosecution.,

Can I Be Arrested for a Hennepin County Warrant if I Live Somewhere Else

Regardless of the fact that you live outside of Hennepin County, you can still be arrested for a warrant if you live outside of it. It is not uncommon for people to be arrested in another state without realizing they have an arrest warrant out for them in the county where they once lived. Before such an occurrence occurs check to see if you have an active warrant.

Can I Search For Someone Else Hennepin Arrest Warrant

If you’re conducting research on a warrant on someone else, you should know you have the right to do so. Again the Freedom of Information Act, allows people to gain access to government information. You will not get into trouble for looking up to see if someone you know has a warrant issued for their arrest.

How to Search For a Hennepin County Warrant: Online and by Phone

  1. Contact Hennepin Warrant Office at (612) 348-2000. If you’re calling on the behalf of someone else, you must know their full name, case number, and birth date to receive information.
  2. If you do not have the warrant or case number, then you can contact Hennepin County district courts at (612)348-2040.
  3. If you would like to conduct your research online instead, below are a list of ways you can do this.
  4. You can check Hennepin County Sheriff website to find people with warrants and on the most wanted list.
  5. If you want to find warrants against yourself or another person, you can use a third-party site. Search Quarry’s databases provide free access to public records, warrants, criminal records, misdemeanors, and traffic reports. The site can give you a better idea of a case and what’s going on. Further, the websites offers free resources for learning more about cases.

If you’re wondering if you have an active warrant for your arrest in Hennepin County, the list above is a great place to start your search

What’s Next After Finding Out There’s a Hennepin County Warrant for You or Someone Else

Remember, it is the police’s responsibility to arrest someone who has a warrant issue for them. Any warrant can be executed at any time, so you should be aware of this. In addition, police rarely search for misdemeanor suspects, but they can be arrested once a warrant is issued. If you or someone else believes they have an outstanding warrant, the next step would be to contact a lawyer for assistance in removing it.



Hennepin County Warrant - Q&A

Can someone lookup my Hennepin county warrant?

Yes, since Hennepin warrants are public record anyone can lookup if you or someone else has an active warrant in Illinois or any state in the nation

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