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Civil Records

Civil Records Definition

Civil records are a group of public records that pertain to civil registry records, civil family matters and non criminal civil offenses. These records vary a lot because of the nature of the information that is recorded. By definition civil pertains to citizens and there are a multitude of different records that define what is recorded. Below are the distinct types of civil records that can be found in US public records. The civil records information that pertains to vital statistics is archived and indexed by the CDC, see the link below for more information. To begin a civil records search by name start with the search box above and make sure to cross reference all available information so that you’ve found the correct civil records for the right person.

Civil Records Registry

Civil registry records are vital records that are recorded by the government such as; marriage records, divorce records, birth records, death records, adoption records and nationalization records. All of the civil registry records are recorded by the government as vital statistics. These vital records are public domain and can be looked up by anyone with the exception of the juvenile records and adoption records. These records are sealed from the public to protect children and juveniles.

Civil Records and Family

Civil records that pertain to civil family matters can include family disputes over assets, divorce and child support and custody issues. These records might be public or sealed depending on the nature of the civil case.

Civil Records vs. Criminal Records

Non criminal civil offenses are records that are often the result of civil offenses. These civil  violations of often the result of administrative matters and are regulated by federal agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ). The FTC will intervene and impose fines to companies that violate consumer rights. Another civil offense may be from a contempt of court and this can happen in many circumstances.

Additional Civil Records Information

Civil Records

Civil Records

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