Florida Criminal Records

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Florida Criminal Records Search

Florida criminal records are public record, which means anyone can look them up when they need to find information about. There are many laws governing who might obtain copies of Florida criminal records, but anyone can look them up. If you’re unsure why someone might take the time to look up a criminal record for someone, there are various reasons people choose to look up the past criminal history of someone. Anyone in a new relationship might want to be sure their new partner is who they say they are. Men and women no longer with their children’s other parent might look up their ex?s new love interest to be sure the person spending time with their kids is a trustworthy man or woman. A potential employer or even a family looking for a babysitter might choose to look up someone applying for the job. If you need someone’s criminal background information for any reason at all, there is a way to obtain that information in Florida.

Florida Criminal Records in Person

To find criminal records in person, you needn’t do anything more than visit the local police station or courthouse in the county where the person you?re interested in was arrested. If they have a criminal history, you?ll be able to obtain a viewable copy of those records in person. If you?re unsure where their arrest might have happened or you worry they were arrested in more than one location, you?ll need to look online. To do this in person, you need little more than the name of the person in question, the location of their arrest, and the name of the person arrested.

Florida Criminal Records Online

The easiest and fastest way to find criminal records for anyone in Florida is online. The best way to do this is to visit the Florida Clerk of Court website in the county where the arrest took place. If there is an arrest, it’s easily found by searching the public records database in that county. You?ll need the name of the person arrested, and nothing else. It’s free to look up this information, though you might not have access to read the details of each particular arrest.

The other way to look up the information online is to have the person in question sign a consent allowing you to search their criminal background. This is typically used when someone applies to volunteer at a school or church, or someone who is applying for a job. This information is then sent to the State of Florida, and you can look up their information online based on what the state provides you with. It?s a comprehensive criminal background check, and everything from their unpaid parking tickets to misdemeanors to felony charges are immediately made available to you. There simply is no hiding a criminal background in Florida. It’s always available for everyone to find when they need the information, and it’s free to look it up online or in person.

Florida Criminal Records

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