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How To Run A Florida Criminal Background Check Online?

Performing a Florida criminal background check isn’t a tricky task, and although it isn’t free, a name-based background check is available from a multitude of resources. It’s first important to know why you want to run a background check on someone. Is this for curiosity? or perhaps official purposes such as employee background checks, tenant screening or academic purposes? Knowing this first will help you to find out what resources are best suited for your needs. For example, a Florida criminal background check for official purposes can be obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement where a non-official background search can be performed by a non certified FCRA service and will typically cost less than an official background report.

Additionally, specific professional organizations in Florida opt for Live Scan Fingerprinting, and these corporations possess an Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number. However, only a few special companies are allowed to use fingerprint-based background checks.

Florida Public Background Information

As a resident of Florida, essential details about you are available online for the general public to assess for a background information. This information is publicly available via the Freedom of Information Act. Typically, inquiries for background information are most commonly used by employers and landlords who desire employees and tenants to build their establishment and present zero trouble. These are typically screening measures used at the time of hiring or signing a rental agreement and are authorized by a Florida government agency or a certified FCRA service. These queries are performed with the consent of the person being reviewed. That being said, there are other reasons why someone would want to find out background information for non official reasons such as a date, or co-worker or a friend. This background information can be obtained from non certified FCRA services and is intended for reference only.

What’s Included in a Florida Criminal Background Check?

A Florida Criminal background check is a process a company or individual uses to verify a person’s identity and validate basic details like their education, criminal record, employment history, vital records such as marriage or divorces and birth records. It might also include court records, arrest records, DUIs, incarcerations, traffic citations, DMV records and driving record history. Depending on the nature of the requested background information will depend on what resources might be used to perform this search.  One of the primary users of this search technique are employers who unearth an applicant’s history to verify claims made by the individual. Also, it bell’s corporations deduce whether they are worth hiring by analyzing their past mistakes, character, fitness, and other necessary information.

Besides being ideal for assessing a potential hire’s competence, hiring managers also use this method to pick which candidate is best suited for a particular position. Essentially, individuals with fewer legal complications are more attractive since they are bound to be less problematic. Additionally, professional drivers might be subject to ongoing background checks to insure they have a driving record. This will of course depend on what a person or company is intending to use this information for.

How Far Back Does A Florida Criminal Background Check Go?

Contrary to popular assumptions, the FCRA rules governs how far back background checks can go, especially considering the pre-employment details. For example, criminal records such as arrests, that are prior to seven years ago that never lead to convictions, will not be listed on these reports. Additionally, employers are expected not to use such information to make adverse employment decisions.

It’s also worth noting that CRAs aren’t allowed to report various information for employment purposes except if the job pays a salary is above a certain amount. These pertain to the following:

  • Civil judgments exceeding seven years or the statute of limitations
  • Civil lawsuits exceeding seven years or past the statute of limitations
  • Arrests older than seven years

Ultimately, this rule helps individuals find their footing in society after a rough past with the law.

How Long Does A Florida Criminal Background Check Take?

Upon performing a background check on yourself or another individual, the time to receive this information will depend on how you complete them. For example, if you require the criminal history information from Florida itself, receiving a response takes seven days. On the other hand, if you opt to search through local court records, the checking process may take several weeks to complete. If the background report is for reference only then this can be run almost immediately. It’s as simple as entering a first and last name an running a search. You may also need to verify the person’s age, date of birth and middle name as many people have common first and last names.

What Is Included On A Florida Criminal Background Check?

  • Identity Verification
  • Social Security Verification
  • Florida Criminal History
  • Traffic Citations and DUIs
  • Sex Offender Registry Listings
  • Florida County Court Records
  • Incarcerations and Sentencings
  • Warrants and Arrests
  • Motor Vehicle Records
  • Vital Records
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit Reports

Florida Criminal Background CheckPerforming a background check gives the researcher plenty of information on the investigated individual, depending on what you search and confirm. Nevertheless, the components of a Florida background search can reveal a lot of information, listed above, and some background reports may include more information than others.

As previously mentioned, the time to produce information on the researched individual depends on what you see. For example, identity verification takes less time to complete than employment and education verification.

What delays the report is how long it takes to process through government agencies, courts, educational institutions, corporations, and many other people before containing enough information to be worthwhile.

Ultimately, acquiring the necessary details is a matter of time but can be sped with an online platform or partnership with an outside company.


Essentially, criminal background checks are vital in Florida as the law even provides employers with incentives to consider a potential hire’s history. In fact, some states allow employees injured by the misconduct of the new hire to sue their employer for “negligent hiring,” claiming that the hiring manager should have known the new employee posed a risk.

If you wish to perform a background check, consider using the courts and legal system or visit SearchQuarry.com and get the information you need.


Florida Background Check FAQs

Can anyone run a Florida criminal background check?

Yes, anyone can run a Florida criminal background check as long as it's for unofficial purposes. A person's background record is comprised of publicly listed information that is collected by local, state and Federal government agencies. This is all completely legal via the Freedom of Information Act

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