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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Run A Dodge VIN Lookup

Running a Dodge VIN Lookup is easier than you think. All you need to begin a Dodge VIN search is the 17 digit vehicle identification number. This can easily be found on the vehicle, in multiple locations, as well as a registration card or title. A Dodge VIN lookup can help you understand your vehicle in more detail as well as allow you to research a used vehicle to find out all the important facts you need to make an informed decision. This might include the vehicle’s features, safety and recalls, accidents and much more. The next step is to find an online resource where you can research your Dodge VIN number. Typically VIN decoder services are free however, if you’re interested in obtaining a full vehicle history report you most likely need to pay a nominal fee for this.

How to Run a Dodge Vehicle History Report

You can run a Dodge vehicle history report with a multitude of online vehicle record resources, like,, and many others. It’s best practice to us a vehicle history report service that will give you all the information you’re looking for. An example is when purchasing a used vehicle, it wise to find out the vehicle hasn’t been in an accident or has any known recalls or safety issues. You might even be able to find out how many previous owners that vehicle had. Typically, people will want to run full vehicle history report on a used Dodge car or truck, as this information is not as relevant on newer Dodge cars and trucks. You will of course need the Dodge’s 17 digit vehicle history number to run this type of report.

Dodge VIN LookupWhere You Can Find Your Dodge VIN Number

The VIN on a Dodge, or any vehicle for that matter, can be found in multiple locations. Your registration card or vehicle title is the easiest place to locate and read the Dodge VIN. You can also find your VIN number on the driver’s side dashboard, stamped into the dashboard itself with a metal tag. You might also be able to locate it on the door frame, the engine block, under the hood, on the vehicle frame and on the transmission. Not all of these locations are easy to find the vehicle identification number on so it might be good to start by locating your registration card, that should be inside your vehicle.

How To Read Your Dodge VIN Number

  1. The first 3 digits are where the vehicle was manufactured
  2. Digits 4-8 are the vehicle’s make, model and engine
  3. The 9th digit is a check digit, for security measures
  4. The 10th digit is the year the vehicle was manufactured
  5. The 11th digit is what plant the vehicle was made in
  6. The last 6 digits are the sequential production number

See below on how to decode your Dodge VIN number. You can use a multitude of free online resources to decode your VIN for free. These free Dodge VIN decoder resources will only give you the features and manufacturing information about your specific vehicle. You will want to use the free government resources and

Dodge VIN Decoder

Dodge VIN Lookup FAQs

How do I decode my Dodge VIN number?

Your Dodge VIN number is a 17 digit code that is created by the manufacturer. Each of the digits represent a piece of the vehicle information. You can easily decode your Dodge VIN number by using online resources like or

How many numbers are in a Dodge VIN?

A modern Dodge vehicle VIN number has 17 digits. Older Dodge vehicles, classics and vintage models may have fewer VIN digits.

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Responses to “Dodge VIN Lookup

  1. says:

    The 10th digit on your Dodge VIN is the year, you are correct. These numbers are sometimes recycled but many years apart. The J for your Dodge VIN number represents 1988 or 2018

  2. says:

    the tenth didget on my vin is J what year was this vehicle made. the full number is JB7FJ43E3JJ006764 if you could help me Iwould appreciate it.

  3. says:

    Carl, you’ll need to discuss this with a certified mechanic. We can only assist you with certain Dodge vehicle records which are not relevant to what you are searching for

  4. says:

    need to know what transmission i have in my 2002 and 1997 dodge ram trucks. both transmissions failed this month. 2002 dodge ram 1500- 3D7HU18Z02G124287 AND 1997 dodge ram 1500- 1b7hf13z6v544750

  5. says:

    Dale, unfortunately our Dodge VIN lookup resources only apply to Dodge vehicles manufactured in the last 40 years. You may need to reach out to your local motor vehicle department to find out more information about your vehicle. It’s also important to note that some information may be limited on older or vintage Dodge vehicles. This is because not all documents made it from a paper record to a digital record.

  6. says:

    i can not get the id. no. to go becouse thay say it ‘s not enove no. it is a 1950 it does not have any more no.? so know what ? it is 37117634 located on the left front door post.

  7. says:

    Travis, you have the VIN number you can run a free Dodge VIN lookup by clicking the “VIN” tab at the top of your screen. This will give you all the information and features of your Dodge as set by the manufacturer. If you would like to know the vehicle history or your Dodge then there is an additional fee for this service

  8. says:

    I would like to know what this car was equipped with and a little history.l see it was last registered in Texas 2014.

  9. says:

    Dean, our Dodge VIN lookup resources are for highway legal vehicles only that have 17 digits in their vehicle identification number

  10. says:

    Martin, our Dodge VIN lookup resources will only work on more modern vehicle that have 17 digits in their vehicle identification number. You might want to reach out to the DMV directly about this older Dodge truck

    How to lookup a vintage Dodge VIN number

    To lookup the Dodge VIN number on a vehicle that is over 30 years old can be difficult. Most online VIN lookup resources will only be able to run vehicle VIN numbers that have 17 digits. A good option is to contact your local DMV and inquire about a VIN lookup on a vintage vehicle. Another option is to check out a vintage car enthusiast website and see if anyone else has some advise they can share

  11. says:

    I am trying to get more information on a possibly 1946 dodge model WD-15 truck, serial # 82137871. there is another tag near this ID with these numbers 4112-27287

  12. says:

    Looking for VIN decoder for Dodge Snow-Fiter Model W20. Vin= W24BF4S047150.

  13. says:

    Ann, to get a duplicate title for your Dodge vehicle you can visit your state’s DMV office and make this request online. Down load the application for a duplicate title, complete the required fields and mail in the form with the proper payment for a copy of your vehicle title. Processing typically takes a few weeks. If you need this title sooner, you can visit a branch in person which will cut down on the processing time

  14. says:

    I am trying to get a duplicate title so that I can sell this car.

    vin 1B3L46J95N508838

  15. says:

    Daniel, thank you for reaching out about our Dodge VIN lookup blog. How can we assist you with your VIN lookup? Are you interested in a vehicle history report?

  16. says:

    42509398WH23M4XAA|B 68

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