DMV Request Forms

DMV Request Forms

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Need a Driving Related or DMV Request Forms?

Sometimes it’s necessary to make the trip to the DMV to register your vehicle, change a vehicle title, renew your driver’s license or request information by filling out a DMV request form.  Handling some of these things in person is necessary at the motor vehicle office but for others you can fill out a form and submit it either online or by mail depending on the nature of the form request and the state you live in. This can include obtaining vehicle information, driving record abstracts, vehicle records and driver license information. Click on our DMV Request Forms Tool, select the state you live in and we’ll point you to the relevant DMV website page where you can find the DMV request forms. Most DMV offices will charge you a nominal fee of a few dollars to process most forms, the fee varies depending on the state and the type of information that is being requested.

Use our Driving Records Request Form Tool

DMV Factiods

  • The DMV is not a universal term. Many states have other names for their motor vehicle departments such as; Division of Motor Vehicles, Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registry of Motor Vehicles and Office of Motor Vehicles
  • Hawaii is the only state where the DMV is handled at a local level instead of at the state level
  • In Canada the DMV is run by the separate provinces and territories
  • The minimum age to get a driver’s license is 16  in every state except North Dakota where the minimum driving age is 18

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