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Our Free County Jail Finder will locate any jail in the United States and the best part is it’s free and no signup is necessary. Quickly locate any of the 3,200 jail facilities in the United States. Just click on the state you’re looking for a jail in. Then you will be directed to a jail list, alphabetically listed, where you can find any jail in the United States. There you will find addresses, phone numbers and websites where you can contact the specific jail in question. If you’re looking for a specific detainee or inmate you will need the full name of the person in question and their inmate number if they’ve been processed by the county or city court system. There are many people with similar names so i’ts recommended that you have a second piece of identifying information. Currently there are upwards of 800,000 people in local jail facilities.

Our Free County Jail finder is mobile friendly so it will work seamlessly on any device. You can also use this tool on our free app available at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box )

Additional Jail Finder Information

Jail facilities differ from state and prison facilities as they are mostly detention centers for those awaiting incarceration by the courts. Many times people are only locked up for a few days until they’re released by the courts or are out on bail until a court proceeding can take place. Others are sentenced to short sentences at jail facilites for DUIs. DWIs, Domestic Violence, Drug Charges, Shoplifting and Disturbing the Peace. Many of these infractions and misdemeanors are not severe enough for the detainee to be placed in a prison. If you’re looking for a state prison inmate then visit our Free State Prison Finder. See the American Jail Association for more information on local jail facilities and jail statistics

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