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U.S. State Prison Finder – Select a State to Begin

Nationwide State Prison Finder

Our Free U.S. State Prison Finder is easy to use and there is no sign up necessary. There are currently over 3,200 state prisons in the United States. This means that finding a specific prison can be daunting but not any more with our free state prison finder. Simply select a state from the map and you’ll be taken to a list of state prisons that you can easily index by name. All the state prisons are listed in alphabetical order and include the address, phone numbers and websites that you can link to.  Most state prisons are run by the state, however around 8% are privately operated and outsourced by the state. These prison facilities are as well listed in our state prison finder.

Our Free State Prison Finder is mobile friendly so it will work seamlessly on any device. You can also use this tool on our free app available at the Google Play Store ( Search Quarry Tool Box )

Additional State Prison Finder Information

State prisons that are operated by the state are non-profit facilities that confine incarcerated inmates. A private state prison is a for-profit facility that houses incarcerated inmates as well but is controlled by private companies that are outsourced by the state.  This has proven to be very effective in cutting down costs by the state and since the United States has the largest prison population in the world this adds up to a huge savings for the government. The private prisons are under contractual agreement and under the oversight of the government so they follow the same rules and regulations.  See private prisons for more information

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