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Several main Connecticut courts have preserved records that hold genealogical value, but these have changed throughout the years. Below are the various Connecticut courts and Connecticut court records. CT court records can typically be obtained in online, in person or via mail depending on what court you’re dealing with and their web resources. CT court records many include criminal records, civil records, vital records, traffic citations, sentencing records and more.

From 1636 till 1784, the General Connecticut Court was considered the highest court in the state throughout the entire colonial era. These Connecticut court records contain many civil and criminal cases. After the year 1750, the court let go of a lot of the judicial responsibilities it had.

From 1630 till 1961, the Town and Borough courts have enjoyed jurisdiction for all civil cases in towns. The justice of the peace courts heard similar cases in places that did not have any town courts. Because of this Many records like these are held at the State Library of Connecticut. Later the courts were replaced with circuit courts.

From 1638 till 1711, the Particular Court acted as the main court which held jurisdiction on all matters of the law, which included appeals from the town courts. The court was replaced with Court of Assistants between the years 1665 and 1711.

From 1666 till 1855, it was the county courts which held jurisdiction over divorce cases, chancery, criminal cases, and many civil disputes. Between the years 1855 and 1870 the court had its responsibilities dominated by Superior Court and the Justice Court of the town.

From 1711 to present day, the Superior Court has taken over Court of Assistants. It also caters to county wide sessions.

From 1869 to present day, the common pleas courts have taken the place of county courts which have reorganized since 1975 to incorporate circuit court.

Connecticut Court Records Locations

The Connecticut State Library keeps all court records. The Library has a documented inventory of all these records. However, many court records are still scattered around different Connecticut courthouses. You will find microfilm versions of some of the court records.

Connecticut Court Records Divorce Decree

This can generally be requested from the Connecticut Judicial District Clerk?s office, the one where the divorce was finalized. In Connecticut the Divorce decree will be referred to as the ?Judgment File?. The Clerk?s Office needs your case name and your docket number.

Connecticut Court Records Statistics

The Connecticut Superior Court Operations division provides statistical information. You can request this on phone too by calling (860) 263-2734 x3039.

Accessing Connecticut Court Records

When it comes to case specific information and access to court record, you can always get in touch with the clerk?s office for juvenile matters, small claims, judicial district, housing session, and geographical area court.

Obtaining Connecticut Court Records Transcripts

These requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Office of Connecticut Court Reporter in the judicial district where the case proceedings took place. Requests that are emailed are not entertained.

Connecticut Court Records

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