Colorado DMV Records

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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Colorado DMV – Division of Motor Vehicles

The Colorado DMV ( Division of Motor Vehicles ), which is run by the Colorado Department of Revenue, is your one-stop shop for just about everything related to your vehicle or driver’s license. Unlike in many other states which split different car-related services across different government agencies, in Colorado, almost all car-related matters can be handled by the DMV. Furthermore, the Colorado DMV’s website is refreshingly user friendly (again, something that cannot be said for others states’ DMV websites) and many services can either be begun or completed online. Below we will look at what some of those services are so that you can make the best use of the Colorado Motor Vehicle Department

Colorado DMV Records

Since the Colorado DMV does such a good job of putting many of its services online, it can come as a surprise that one service that the DMV doesn’t do online is one of the simplest: driver record requests. Despite the fact that most other states now allow you to request driver records online, Colorado is not yet one of them. Instead, you will have to request your or another person’s driving record by visiting the DMV in person or by mailing your request to the Department of Revenue. While you can request either a certified or non-certified copy of your record, keep in mind that only the office in Lakewood is able to issue certified copies. You can also check third-party databases, like, for non-certified unofficial copies of your driving record.

Colorado DMVColorado Driving Test

 The Colorado DMV runs an appointment scheduler that makes it easy to schedule a wide variety of tests, including driving tests, written tests, motorcycle tests, and more. You can find the appointment scheduler here. When scheduling a driving test, you’ll be asked to choose a date and time. When choosing a date, you may have to look a month or two ahead until you see a day that is highlighted green. Green days are those that have space available for driving appointments. All new drivers need to pass a driving test, although if you are simply transferring your valid out-of-state license to Colorado then you can skip the driving test.

Colorado DMV Driver’s License

 If you need to renew your license, then you can do so online. Likewise, if you are a Colorado resident applying for your first driver’s license, then you can begin the application process online. However, if you are transferring your out-of-state license to a Colorado one, then you will need to visit the DMV in person.

 When transferring your out-of-state license, you will need to bring to the DMV your original license, your birth certificate, Social Security card, two documents proving you physically reside in Colorado, and the applicable fees. You may also be required to bring your passport or military ID to confirm your middle name

If you are coming from another country, then chances are you will need to apply for a new license and pass the requisite written and driving tests. The testing requirements are waived for license holders from Canada, Germany, South Korea, France, and Taiwan.

 Colorado DMV Forms

 You can find a list of Colorado DMV forms on their website here. The forms page also includes helpful manuals for obtaining your drivers, CDL, or motorcycle license as well as additional information like legislative reports.

 Colorado Traffic Citations

 Most traffic citations can be paid for through the DMV online so long as you have a credit card. The only exception is if your traffic fine was issued by a municipality, such as for a parking offense, in which case you will have to check the ticket to find out how to pay. For offenses issued by the State Patrol, you will need to wait two weeks before paying your fine through the DMV. If you want to pay your fine earlier, then you will need to contact the Troop Office that issued your citation. The State Patrol is responsible for issuing most speeding tickets. Keep in mind that speeding offenses are crimes and at certain high speeds can even count as very serious offenses.

Colorado Vehicle Registration

 Registering a vehicle is pretty straight forward in Colorado, and you can renew your registration online. To register your vehicle in Colorado, you will need to provide the title or current out-of-state registration, proof of identification, proof of insurance, and, in some cases, proof of vehicle emissions test. Registration fees and taxes will also have to be paid, although these vary since they are based on the weight and type of your vehicle.

Colorado Title Transfers

You can apply for a title for your vehicle so long as there are no liens against the vehicle. If there is a lien then the title will be delivered to the lienholder. When applying for a title you will need to visit the DMV and provide them with proof of insurance, proof of identification, proof of ownership, a Colorado vehicle emissions test, odometer disclosure, and bill of sale. In certain situations, such as if there is a lienholder or more than one vehicle owner, then additional documents will be required

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    Is going to Lakewood DMV the only way I can get a certified copy of my Motor vehicle record?

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    Sean, we are happy to post this for you on our blog and hopefully someone will recognize your description of the vehicle with Colorado license plates. Unfortunately we cannot lookup vehicles by description, the police will be your best option to find this hit and run vehicle.

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    I was hit by a truck at work in city market parking lot and mistakenly got the plate wrong. Ford F-150 extra cab plate Colorado #7636 ZG I was seriously injured. Black n white camera shows blurry picture. Driver got out and his female partner apologized then sped off. Please help. Carbondale police report # 2020/2655 officer C. Hurerra was looking for a Texas plate. ITS A COLORADO PLATE. Multi color plate Light green w sunset purple.

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    In order to change your address with the Colorado DMV you will want to contact them directly. They are the managing state agency that handles the change of address for vehicles in Colorado. The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles is Part of the Colorado Department of Revenue. See below on how to perform a Colorado DMV change of address online. You will need to fill out the Change of Address Form DR2285 and provide your Colorado driver’s license or ID card and proof of Colorado residency, such as a bill or credit card statement. You will be give a label, or print one if done online, that you need to attach to your current CO driver’s license or ID card. You will not be mailed a new license or ID card for security reasons but you can visit the Colorado DMV office, in your county and in person, to request a new ID card or vehicle registration card. In addition you will be required to pay a nominal fee for a duplicate driver’s license or ID card. That being said, a change of address on your vehicle registration can be mailed to you without visiting the Colorado DOR – Division of Motor Vehicles if you’ve already completed this with your Colorado identification card. To inquire about additional information about How to ” Change My Address With The Colorado DMV ” you can call the Colorado DOR phone number: 303-205-5694

    Colorado DMV Change of Address Instructions

    1. Visit the Colorado Department of Revenue DMV website
    2. Download Colorado Change of Address Form DD2285
    3. Submit the Form online, in person or via mail
    4. Apply the Change of Address Label to your current ID
    5. Your new ID will not be mailed to you for security
    6. You can request a new ID directly from the DMV office

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    want to change my address

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    Please reach out if there are any Colorado DMV or driving related records you need assistance in obtaining. In our member’s area we offer unlimited Colorado driving record and Colorado vehicle record searches with your membership. You can use the Colorado DMV driving record search at the top of the page to begin your preliminary search. Then if you’re interested in signing up you can try us for $2.95 for 5 days and search unlimited Colorado public records online. These DMV records are for online reference only so if you need official copies of your driving records then you should contact the Colorado DMV directly.

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    Looks interesting, thanks!

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