Arizona Lien Records

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Arizona Lien Records Search

Arizona lien records are similar to lien records in most states. The way states handle liens and publish lien records vary slightly. You can go to the Arizona State Recorder’s office to see if there is a lien against a person, property or vehicles. Typically you’ll have to make an appointment and pay a nominal fee for a copy of the Arizona Lien Records. The other option is to go to an online public record repository

What Are Lien Records

Lien records are records notices that are to someone ( property or assets ) that show that money is still owned it. It is virtually impossible to sell a property that has a lien against it. Liens also have a very negative impact on your credit score. We all know how important it is to pay our bills on time. However, no matter how careful you are with your finances, it is still possible for an unexpected situation to come up that causes you to fall behind on your debt repayments. If this happens, there is a risk of getting a lien placed on your financial assets or property. Some liens can even be used to garnish your wages.

Arizona State Tax Liens

A finical institution, including the government, can attach a lien to a property if the owner is behind on their loan payments. If someone is behind on their taxes, they can have a tax lien placed on their property by the government and tax liens can take up to 7 years to be taken off your credit report. If it’s a state tax debt then there will be Arizona lien records associated with it. If it’s a federal tax debt then there will be a Federal tax lien records associated with it.

Reasons For an Arizona Lien Records Search

There are several reasons you may want to look up Arizona lien records. You may wish to check if liens that you had against your property have be removed after you repaid your debts. Real estate investors may have an interest in properties that have liens placed against them because they often result in foreclosure. Foreclosed homes can be bought for a fraction of the price and resold for significant profit.

There are a couple ways Arizona residents can search lien records. The first method involves going through your local county clerk or county recorder. You will have to submit a formal public record request, and it could take several days for you to get the records and cost a nominal fee.

The second method involves searching online databases. Online public record databases make searching for Arizona lien records very simple. Typically a simple name search is all that is required to look up public lien records. is a great place to start. Just enter a first and last name and begin searching. You will find instant results and currently there is a 5 day free trial where anyone can lookup lien records for free. See additional lien records information below.

Arizona Lien Records Information

Arizona Lien Records Search
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Arizona Lien Records
Arizona Lien Records

Arizona Tax Lien FAQs

Are Arizona tax liens public record?

Yes, Arizona liens, including tax liens, are public record which means that anyone can view them. These can be found from the Arizona county clerk's office or from online lien record websites like

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Responses to “Arizona Lien Records

  1. squarryadministrator says:

    If you are the owner of an Arizona property and wish to find out if there is a tax lien or mechanics lien against you current residence you can contact the Maricopa county clerk and make a formal request. Liens are also held by the bank that issued the loan, for repayment, by the owner of the property so, it’s also good to check with them if the loan is in good standing.

  2. John Nicholson says:

    How can I find out if there is a property lien on my current residence?

  3. squarryadministrator says:

    Unfortunately we don’t possess that information. We can perform an Arizona lien search by person but we do not have a list of homes with delinquent property taxes. You might be able to find this out from the Arizona Treasurer. Below is a link to the Arizona Treasurer website to better assist you.

    Arizona Treasurer Website

  4. Nancy Lavizzo says:

    how do I find list of delinquent property tax homes?

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