Arizona Court Records

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Arizona Court Records Search

Information about Arizonians and living relatives is stored in court records for their participation in cases relating to criminal lawsuits, civil lawsuits, taxes, appointment to public offices, licenses, guardianship, adoption, debt, divorce, naturalization, and probate cases. Arizona court records have descriptions of individuals, occupations, and any other family history detail you may have requested.

Between the time counties in Arizona were made and the time that they were formally organized, these counties used other organized counties for their administrative purposes, and that is why some people have trouble finding records from those years. A valuable online resource here is the site for Public Access Court Information which offers valuable information about cases from 153 courts of Arizona out of the total 180 courts. Residents of Arizona can also refer to the official website of the District Court of the state for details on court cases.

In the state of Arizona court records, and court dockets, are usually searched for Marriage Licenses, Decrees of Divorce, family information, history of child support payment, history of criminal pay, and background checks. There is no specific eligibility criterion for submitting a request for access to court records, anyone can do it.

Sealed Arizona Court Records

Residents of Arizona State can search for public records including records of civil cases, domestic cases, guardianship cases, domestic cases, probate cases, criminal cases, and juvenile delinquency cases. There are however records that cannot be accessed by everyone.

Dependency records like Mental Health records and Adoption records are closed to public unless a Judge approves release of those documents. When you request something from a sealed file, you can also send the Judge a written letter of request which states what you are interested in that file on top of what files need to be a part of the Request for Access in the form of Arizona Court Records. It takes a while for the Judge to first review the request before they decide whether they would approve it.

Obtaining Arizona Court Records

When you put in the request, it would take the Arizona court clerk?s office between 3 to 5 days to respond to the request search. The time period usually depends on how many records requests they are faced with in the storage.

You will know your search for request is ready when it is automatically mailed to you as soon as it is completed. Request for faxed or mailed searches are pre paid. However, if you have specified that you would like to pick up the records in person from the Courthouse, you will receive a call from the clerk?s office when the copies are ready.

Arizona Court Records

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