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Alabama Court Records Search

Alabama court records refer to those records maintained by the Alabama state courts. What are state courts? Courts of general jurisdiction and state courts hear all the cases that aren?t heard by the federal courts. Each state is allowed to make and interpret its own laws. This ensures that the state has some power and the federal government doesn?t become ?too? strong. The state court hears and maintains records of all types of cases, including divorce, civil, criminal and probate.

Unlike federal courts, state courts have a broader jurisdiction. This means that cases involving individual citizens, such as family disputes, traffic violations and robberies, are usually heard in state courts. On the other hand, lawsuits involving certain specific laws and those against the United States cannot be heard in the state courts. As far as Alabama court records are concerned, the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts maintains all the records.

If you?re interested in obtaining Alabama court records, a good way for you to do so is to use the Alabama court system of the Alabama courts. An online system, This gives you instant access to Alabama court records. Through this system, you will able to look up current/active cases as well as cases dating back to the 1970s. Apart from accessing them through the Alabama court system, you can obtain the court records in person or via mail. Whether you access them online or get them in person, following are the 4 types of court records you will be able to obtain from Alabama state courts.

Alabama Court Dockets

Records pertaining to the proceedings of a court case are referred to as dockets. Although they vary according to Jurisdiction, dockets generally include the case file number, the date of the case, the contesting parties, and other case-related documents.

Alabama Court Minutes

Not usually indexed, minutes are a summary of daily accounts that include the names of the defendant and plaintiff and briefly describe the action taken. The court?s clerk maintains these records.

Alabama Court Records

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