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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How to run a Volkswagen VIN lookup

Volkswagen, one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the world, has a vehicle identification number just like any other vehicle manufactured. It’s a 17 digit alpha-numeric sequence that describes all the manufacturing details of a vehicle. Running a Volkswagen VIN lookup is simple to run, there are a multitude of online VIN lookup resources where you can decode your Volkswagen VIN in moments. Each of the 17 digits in the VIN number represent some aspect of the vehicle, from the drive train to the security code. Each VW that’s manufactured has a unique VIN, and no 2 are alike.

The first step in decoding your Volkswagen VIN is determining what information you are looking for. Are you just trying to figure out what your VW is made of and the manufacturing specs, or are you in the market for a used VW and want to obtain a vehicle history report. Many online VIN decoders are free however if you’re interested in obtaining a vehicle history report this will cost you a few bucks. There are many online private websites that offer vehicle history reports as well as some government vehicle information resources such as This government website offers free safety and recall information for all makes and models of vehicle as well as a vehicle history report option, which is not free.

Volkswagen VIN LookupRunning a Volkswagen Vehicle History Report

Most people that are interested in running a VW vehicle history report are interested in purchasing a used Volkswagen. It’s always a good call to do so to verify the vehicle is what the owner says it is as well as finding out about the vehicle’s past. Vehicle history reports can include how many previous owners there were, vehicle specs, accidents, safety and recalls and other pertinent vehicle information. This is best practice before taking ownership of another person’s used vehicle, it can save a lot of headache down the road with unforeseen issues the vehicle may have. It might even help you get the vehicle for a better deal if you know the truth behind the vehicle’s past.

How To Decode a Volkswagen VIN Number

A Volkswagen VIN is just like any other vehicle manufactured today. There are 17 digits that are alpha-numeric and each digit has a meaning, from the type of vehicle to where it was manufactured. The first character is where the VW was built. The 2nd and 3rd characters is the manufacturer. The 4th to 8th characters describe the VW features such as the VW brand, engine type and drive train. The 9th digit is the security code to verify the vehicle was authorized by the manufacturer. The 10th character is the model year of the VW. The 11th character is where the vehicle was manufactured. The last 6 digits are the serial number of the vehicle.

Volkswagen Recalls & Safety Issues

Every vehicle manufacturer has come across issues that can have an effect of the vehicle’s safety which many times lead to a recall of some defective part. This can be easily found by using the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, or With this free government resource you can find out any known safety issues or recalls by performing a simple Volkswagen VIN lookup. This online government resource also has ratings for every make and model of VW that you view and compare. If you’re in the market to purchase a used vehicle it’s best practice to use a resources like this, in conjunction with running a vehicle history report. This will save a lot of potential frustration down the road.

Volkswagen VIN - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decode my Volkswagen VIN

There are many online vehicle decoders you can use for free, such as, however vehicle history reports will usually cost a few bucks. As long as you have your Volkswagen 17 digit VIN number you can decode it for free online.

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