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A driving record is an extremely useful document as it contains all the information pertaining to your time behind the wheel. Basically, a driving record let?s you know about the traffic violations you?ve committed, the accidents you?ve been involved in and the tickets you?ve received. In Virginia, the driving records are maintained by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. Following are the things Virginia driving records may reveal. Typically the more detailed Virginia driving record report can be obtained through the Virginia DMV over 3rd party websites.

Virginia Driving Records Include

  • Your personal information
  • Traffic accidents
  • Violations
  • Suspensions and revocations
  • Demerit points
  • Driver?s license status
  • DUI records

In addition to you, the following people can request for and obtain your Virginia driving record:

  • People with written consent from you
  • Courts
  • Employers
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies

There are four different types of Virginia driving records. Following are the driving records you can request for and obtain in Virginia.

Personal Use Virginia Driving Records

A driving record meant for personal use, the personal use driving record contains your eleven-year driving history.

Virginia Employment Driving Record

Used by government agencies and potential employers, an employment driving record is a record of your seven-year driving history.

Virginia Insurance Driving Record

The third type of Virginia driving record that you can request for is an insurance driving record. This type of driving record is meant for insurance purposes and contains your five-year driving history.

Habitual Offender Restoration Driving Record

The final type of Virginia driving record that you can request for and obtain is the habitual offender restoration driving record. Meant for legal purposes, this type of driving record contains your eleven-year driving history.

You can request for your Virginia driving record in three different ways: in person, by mail and online.

In person

To make an in person request for your Virginia driving record, do the following:

  • Visit the local DMV office
  • Complete and submit the request form
  • Pay the relevant fee

By mail

To make a mail request for your Virginia driving record, complete and submit Virginia Information Request along with a pay order or cheque for the fee to:

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Attention: Vehicle (Driver) Records Work Center
P.O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269


The final way for you to obtain your Virginia driving record is online. To access your driving record online, visit the online portal of Virginia DMV, enter the required information and pay the relevant fee.

In addition to the aforementioned ways, you can access Virginia driving records online through public databases. Call (804) 497-7100 to find out more.

Virginia Driving Records

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