Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

West Virginia DMV Offices

Court Name Address Phone
Beckley Regional DMV Office 107 Pinecrest Drive (304) 558-3900
Bridgeport Regional DMV Office 105 Platinum Drive Ste. D (800) 642-9066
Kanawha City Regional DMV Office 5707 MacCorkle Ave. SE (304) 558-3900
Fairmont Driver Examination Center 2500 Fairmont Ave. Rooms 710-712 (304) 558-3900
Huntington Regional DMV Office 801 Madison Ave. (800) 642-9066
Winfield Regional DMV Office 116 Liberty Square (304) 558-3900
Charles Town Regional DMV Office 24 Ruland Road (304) 558-3900
Lewisburg Regional DMV Office 148 Maplewood Ave. (800) 642-9066
Logan Regional DMV Office 428 Main St. (800) 642-9066
Moorefield Regional DMV Office 410 South Main St. (800) 642-9066
Morgantown Regional DMV Office 1525 Deckers Creek Blvd. (800) 642-9066
Moundsville Regional DMV Office 400 Teletech Drive Ste. 100 (800) 642-9066
Parkersburg Regional DMV Office 110 Park Center Drive (800) 642-9066
Point Pleasant Regional DMV Office 1408 Kanawha St. (800) 642-9066
Princeton Regional DMV Office 198 Davis St. (304) 558-3900
Spencer Regional DMV Office 115 Church St. (304) 558-3900
Flatwoods Regional DMV Office 295 Skidmore Lane (800) 642-9066
Weirton Regional DMV Office Municipal Plaza Ste. 100 (304) 558-3900
Welch Regional DMV Office 92 McDowell St. (304) 436-4399
Wheeling Driver Examination Center 2600 Eoff St. (304) 558-3900
Williamson Regional DMV Office 225 East 3rd Ave. (304) 558-3900

West Virginia DMV Offices – Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles functions under the West Virginia Department of Transportation. It manages the legal and financial matters related to motor vehicles which concern drives, vehicles, motor carriers, and dealers. West Virginia DMV offices can be located in the above directory.

West Virginia DMV Driver Records

People can apply for a new driver’s license or get the older license renewed. Requests can be made to acquire Driving ID cards. The responsibility of taking driving tests also falls on West Virginia DMV. To assist people through the process, driving license handbook is available on their website. The department is also mindful about community service and provides an option to all license and ID card applicants to sign up for organ donation.

West Virginia Vehicle Records

Vehicles are registered under the authorization of West Virginia DMV. In case the registration expires, the renewal is to be done by this department. People can also apply for title and insurance of their vehicles. The department issues and registers number plates too. Hence, they are authorized to issue special number plates as well.

West Virginia Motor Carriers

Commercial driving license is issued under the authority of West Virginia DMV. It can also grant trip permits. For this reason, a detailed webpage has been dedicated to information on International Registration Plan and International Fuel Tax Agreement. Both the legislatures are concerned with overseeing credential issuance and collection revenue funds from the commercial truck industry.

West Virginia Dealer

Dealer services are also provided under this department’s umbrella. Vehicle Registration System, dealer’s licensing, and providing salesperson license information; everything is managed by West Virginia DMV.

The department can be contacted through telephone on a standard as well as a toll free number. Special number for people with hearing impairment is also available. They can be reached through their website which has detailed information about the various offices’ working hours, locations, and phone numbers.

West Virginia DMV Offices
West Virginia DMV Offices

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