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Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal

A Texas traffic ticket can result in more than just a monetary fine as a penalty. Points are added to your driving record for each moving violation you commit. Two points are added for a moving violation and three points if the violation causes an accident. Too many points could result in the suspension of your driver’s license and the payment of surcharges. There is, however, a way to remove points from your driving record by attending a Texas traffic school and taking Texas defensive driving courses.

Texas Traffic School Courses

There are two reasons you might decide to take a defensive traffic course at a Texas traffic school. The first is to have a Texas traffic citation dismissed. The other is to have points removed from you driving record. These are accomplished by enrolling at a Texas traffic school approved by the state to offer defensive driving courses.

Texas Traffic SchoolTexas Traffic Ticket Points

Courts throughout Texas differ on their rules for getting a ticket dismissed by taking a Texas traffic school course, also knows as a Texas defensive driving course, so you need to read the information contained in the traffic citation the police officer gave to you or call the court for further information. As a general rule, you cannot bet a Texas traffic ticket dismissed by taking a defensive driving course under any of the following circumstances:

Texas Traffic Ticket Dismissal Reasons

? You hold a commercial driver’s license.

? You had a ticket dismissed within the past year by taking a defensive driving course.

? You plead not guilty to the violation. You must plead no contest to be eligible for having the citation dismissed.

? Speeding tickets are eligible for dismissal under the program except if you were cited for going more than 25 mph over the speed limit.

If you are eligible to have the ticket dismissed upon completion of a Texas defensive driving course, you must register for and complete the course. Submission of the certificate of completion to the court in which the traffic citation is pending begins the process leading to its dismissal.

Remove Points From Your Texas Driving Record

Texas driving record points can result in a surcharge you must pay each year that you have six or more points. The [url=http://https://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLicense/drp.htm]surcharge[/url] is $100 for the first six points and $25 for each additional point.

You should periodically check your driving record to determine the number of points you might have on it. Even if you do not believe you have any moving violations, you should check your driving record anyway to make certain there are no errors. If you discover an error, you should take steps to correct it by contacting the state. You can also check your driving record through one of the online websites offering the Texas driving record resources.Removing driving points from your record is accomplished by taking one of the state approved defensive driving courses. Submission of proof of successful completion of the course causes points to be removed.

Reducing Your Texas Auto Insurance

An added bonus for someone taking a Texas defensive traffic course and successfully completing it is a reduction in the cost of car insurance. If your insurance company offers a discount on insurance premiums for completion of the driver safety course, taking a course to reduce points or to get a ticket dismissed could get you the reduction

You might be able to satisfy the requirements imposed by your insurance company even if you do not need to take a course approved by the Texas Education Agency or the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for ticket dismissal and point reduction. Check with your insurance company for its Texas defensive driving course requirements.

Texas Defensive Traffic Courses

The defensive driving courses approved by the state in Texas include six hours of online instruction. Most schools offer text only courses or a video course from which people can choose the format best suited for them.

At the completion of the course, participants are expected to have gained a greater understanding for the importance of observing Texas traffic laws and the role each motorist plays toward ensuring traffic safety. The course seeks to encourage participants to refrain from committing traffic violations by showing them how violations of the traffic laws, speeding and reckless behaviors behind the wheel can result in personal injuries and deaths from the accidents they cause. Course programs are designed to motivate participants to continue to develop better driving habits and capabilities after they have completed the course.

The state also has courses designed specifically for motorists charged with alcohol- and drug-related driving offenses. Completion of the Texas traffic school course is ordered as a condition of the sentence a judge imposes after a plea of guilty or a conviction after trial. The course is offered online and can result in the driver receiving a discount on his or her auto insurance premiums upon completion of the course

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