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St. Clair County Court Records Access

St. Clair County, located in the southwestern region of Illinois, has a variety of courts within its jurisdiction, each maintaining court records and dockets relevant to the type of court. To begin your St. Clair County court record search, you will need either the name or the court case number of the person in question. The next step is simply entering the information into the search form to begin. Once your results have been displayed, it is important to make sure the individual you are researching matches the information on the court case records or dockets. Then you will have access to their complete court case file, prior court records and complete criminal record abstract. 

Types of Court Records You Can Obtain from St Clair County, Illinois

  • Civil Records: Cases dealing with disputes between individuals, businesses, or organizations. These court cases typically involve a person’s rights, obligations, or debt liabilities. 
  • Criminal Records: Information on people who have been arrested and charged and convicted of various crimes. 
  • Family Law Records: These courts deal with divorces and divorce settlements, custody, paternity, child support, and other family-related matters. 
  • Probate Records: Concerning wills, estates, and the disposition of a deceased person’s property. 
  • Traffic and Minor Offenses: Details of cases involving traffic violations and other minor driving infractions. 
  • Juvenile Records: Related to minors who have committed offenses. Note that these records are often confidential and are not typically accessible to the public. The only people who can access juvenile records and minor court records are those directly involved with the court case or by court order. 

Types of Courts in St. Clair County

  • Circuit Court: The circuit court of St. Clair County Illinois is the main trial court and hears a wide range of cases, from civil to criminal. The Il Circuit Court has various divisions such as civil, criminal, family, and probate.  
  • Small Claims Court: For civil disputes involving smaller amounts of money and mainly concern an individual suing another individual. 
  • Juvenile Court: Dedicated to cases involving minors and custody issues. 
  • Probate Court: Handles matters related to estates, wills, and guardianships after a person’s passing. 
  • Traffic Court: Where most traffic violations are handled.  

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Options to Lookup St Clair County, Illinois Court Records

  • Direct: St. Clair County Court has an online portal or system that allows people to search for and access certain types of Il county court records. Always check the official county website for the most up-to-date information. 
  • In-Person: Visit the St. Clair County Courthouse or the specific court where the case was heard. The Clerk’s office is typically the point of contact. You might be able to call them to inquire about a specific record of interest. 
  • Written Request: Some records might require a written request if you do not have the ability to visit a courthouse in person or find the relevant Il St. Clair County court record online. Ensure to provide as much detail as possible about the record you’re seeking. 
  • Third-party websites: There are several public record websites that aggregate court records where you can search statewide with a simple name search. While they can be a good starting point, they might not have the most recent or comprehensive data. 

Circuit Court of St Clair County, Illinois

The Circuit Court of St. Clair County is a very important component of the Illinois state court system. Also known as the St. Clair County Superior Court, it handles a wide variety of cases including civil, criminal indictments, equity cases, appeals court, juvenile cases, more serious traffic violations and a variety of specialized cases. The Il St. Clair Circuit Court’s role is to make sure that justices is served fairly and efficiently. The judges that preside in these courts are responsible for hearing both civil and criminal matters, with each judge typically specializing in a specific type of case.  The general public can search these Il circuit county court records through the St. Clair County Court online case lookup system by name or case number.

Accessing St Clair County Court Dockets

An Illinois, St. Clair County Court Docket is an official list of all the cases that are to be heard in a county court on a specific day or during a set period. It is basically the court’s schedule of cases being heard. To view the St. Clair County Dockets, you can simply access this on the relevant court website. This is publicly available information that anyone can access. 


St. Clair County, Illinois, has a rich and diverse court system history, and the court records obtained for this county includes a wide variety of cases. Whether you’re researching a person’s criminal history, running a background check, or preparing for a legal case, these records offer a great resource of information. A good place to start your research when tying to locate specific court case information in this county is to use the resources of a public record website. You can access most any records this way with a simple name search and find records not only in this county, but statewide throughout Illinois.

St Clair County Court Records

St Clair County Court Record - FAQ

Are St Clair county court cases public record?

For the most part yes, there are some exceptions. To access St Clair Illinois County court records you can either search via the relevant courthouse website or use the service of a public record website where you can search anonymously.

Are St Clair child custody records public?

No, unless you have a court order or you are directly involved in a court case involving a minor, these are not available to the general public.

Can I have have my St Clair court record sealed or expunged?

Possibly, it really depends on the case and Illinois state laws. You might be able to request sealing or expungement but it is best to consult with an attorney for specifics.

Are St Clair county court records included in a background check?

Yes, since court records are public record they will be viewable in a person's background check. Ongoing court cases might not but those that have finished up will. You can also see what the criminal charges are and any convictions and sentencings with an Illinois background check.

How long does St Clair county hold onto court records?

The time each county court holds on to court case files will vary, but many records are kept indefinitely, especially significant cases or those with a historical value.

What is a court docket in St Clair County, Illinois?

A docket is a summary or index of court cases and events in schedule. These are typically listed daily through the corresponding court website.

How can I request a specific court record from St Clair County, Illinois?

You can make a request in-person at the Clerk's office, through the county's online portal, or with the assistance of a public record website.

Can I look up St Clair civil court records?

Yes, you can look up most any court record in the state of Illinois unless the record is sealed or is of a family matter such as custody court cases.

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