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San Diego Death Records Search

In California, the death records are maintained by the Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) of the County of San Diego. Unlike other records maintained by the state, death records are not public records. Official death records can be requested for and obtained by only those who have a personal or property interest with the deceased. In case you?re related to the deceased, you?ll need to provide the Health and Human Services Agency a document or letter from the government agency that issues death certificates. This letter or document must be provided to HHSA along with the request for the San Diego Death Records you need. You can view records of death online however it’s typically for reference only.

Being specific, it is the Division of Vital Records of the HHSA that maintains and issues death records in San Diego. There are two types of death records that you can request for and obtain in San Diego: certified death records and uncertified death records. Generally, people requesting certified death records are individuals who need the record for legal purposes. On the other hand, genealogical purposes are what the uncertified death records are requested for. San Diego Death Records contain a number of things, listed below.

San Diego Death Records Include

  • The full name of the deceased
  • The gender of the deceased
  • Marital status
  • DOB of the deceased
  • Age of death
  • Occupation
  • Employer?s name
  • City and state of birth
  • Father?s name and birthplace
  • Mother?s name and birthplace

There are two ways for you to obtain death records in San Diego: in person and by mail. Following is how you can obtain the death records via each method.

How Can I Get a Copy of San Diego Death Records?

If you want to request for and obtain the San Diego Death records in person then you?ll need to visit the local Office of Vital Statistics of HHSA with the following information:

  • The full name of the deceased
  • A valid State Photo ID
  • The place of death
  • The date of death

To obtain the death record you need in person, submit the aforementioned information as part of your request and pay the $21 death record fee.

How To Get a Copy of San Diego Death Records By Mail

Another way for you to make a request for death records in San Diego is by mail. To make a mail request for the death record you need, complete and submit the Application for Certified Copy of Death Record along with a sworn statement to:

HHSA Office of Vital Records 3851 Rosecrans Street. Suite 802 San Diego, CA 92110

In addition to the aforementioned things, mail a pay order or cheque for the fee to the address mentioned above.

Apart from the aforementioned ways, you can make a request for death records in San Diego online through public databases. To know more about the San Diego Death Records, contact HHSA by calling them at 619-692-5733.

San Diego Death Records

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Responses to “San Diego Death Records

  1. says:

    Ned, we do show addresses and contact information for the non-certified San Diego death records for what is available

  2. says:

    Do non-certified death certificates show the residence address of the decedent?

    That is what I am trying to find, the residence address, somewhere in eastern San Diego County.

    Have name and date in 1954.

  3. says:

    Alan, we ran a San Diego death record inquiry for you and did not find anything for an Eva Ebel in Oceanside

  4. says:

    My friend, Eva Ebel, lived at 1018 Plover Way, Oceanside, CA 92057. She is (was) very elderly (90 ? )
    Is she living or deceased ?

    Thank you

  5. says:

    Vicki, we ran a California death record search and did not find anything in our California vital record database about his passing. There is also the possibility that this reporting has been delayed because of Covid19. You can also reach out to the California Department of Public Health which has access to this information. You can call them directly @ 916-558-1784

  6. says:

    I am looking for my Uncle Allen Wayne Frederick DOB 2/21/1945 He is(was) a resident of Oceanside. Since the pandemic we have had little to no communication with him. The usual mode of communication was E-mail that he accessed from the public library. Since the closure we have had not been able to contact him. Our last phone contact was in January 2021. He was frequenting a diner there in Oceanside and the server there was nice enough to let him call from her cell phone. Unfortunately he has not been seen at the diner is several months. I am just inquiring if you have a record of him being deceased and that he had no contact information available.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
    Vicki Runyan

  7. says:

    Jess, in order to obtain a copy of a San Diego death certificate you will want to contact the California Department of Public Health and make your request with them.

    How to get a copy of a San Diego Death Certificate

    You can get a copy of a San Diego death certificate by visiting the CA Department of Health website. You can fill out the form, pay the fee and have a copy of those San Diego death records mailed to you. Only immediate family members may obtain copies of death certificates

  8. says:

    I am doing geneology and am looking for a death certificate for my 2nd Great Grand Uncle who passed away in Imperial Beach in 1913 and is buried at the Mt Hope cemetery in San Diego. Is it possible for me to obtain an informational copy through you?

  9. says:

    Todd, unfortunately we don’t have any information on this person’s San Diego Death Record. You can try reaching out to the California Department of Public Health as they archive all California death records

  10. says:

    I am researching the person identified on a memorial marker – Lindsey J. Doubek. The marker states “IN LOVING MEMORY” and the year “1989” which leads me to assume they passed away in that year, but I can find no record of them anywhere online. Any advise is appreciated.

  11. says:

    Jo, unfortunately we can verify a San Diego death record however, we do not show the cause of death. You will need to request a copy of the death certificate from the California Department of Public Health. You can visit their website and make your request online. Since you are not immediate family it is unclear if you will be able to make that request.

  12. says:

    i know you’re fighting the virus, be safe i’m researching the murder of my cousin leslie jo richards murdered 8/3/71 in leucadia, ca article in Albuquerque tribune dated 8/6/71 told story of murder i’m asking for any info on death certificate, want to know if murder solved thank you again be safe

  13. says:

    Kim, we are happy to assist you with a San Diego death records lookup however your best option in obtaining an official death record for your mother is to contact the California Department of Public Health. They are the California state agency in charge of keeping track of vital records, which include San Diego death records. Their phone number is 916-558-1784 for your convenience.

  14. says:

    my mother and i lost contact when i moved to montana, i just learned she may have passed away at age 73, in 2013/2014 she lived in el cajon born 11/06/1940 i dont know how to proceed, how she died,what happened to her remains, or whwn she died exactly any help wil be Creatly Appreciated

  15. says:

    We ran a search for a Grace Shippmann from Ramona, CA but did not find any related San Diego death records for her

  16. says:

    Grace Shippmann is my aunt who lives in Ramona CA. I am trying to find out if she is deceased. I have lost contact with her and would like to find out. I believe she is approximately 95 years old. Thank you.

  17. says:

    Our vital record resources show there is a death record of a David M Mikuls from 2002 however, we are showing this was an Ohio death record, not a San Diego death record.

  18. says:

    David Marion Mikuls was the best man at our wedding and we lost contact with him about 2004. Another site said he passed away at 56 years of age. Would like to see if that is true.

  19. says:

    In order to obtain verification of a San Diego death record you can contact the California Department of Health. San Diego death records are indexed and archived by the state of California. You can inquire with this department to verify a death.

  20. says:

    As a professional Physical Therapist, I am in the process of destroying records of patients who have passed away. However, where do I look on-line to confirm their demise? I have their full name and birth date. To my knowledge, they are or were residents of San Diego County. I do not need the additional information your office provides, just need to confirm they are deceased. Your advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Shirley McQuerter
    for Kathy Grimsby, owner and founder of Balance Plus, PT

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