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Nevada DMV – Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles

 Have you recently moved to Nevada? Or perhaps you are a new driver seeking their first license. Maybe you’re simply a a resident of Nevada who needs to pay their traffic tickets. Whatever your reasons, if you own a car and you live in Nevada then there is a very good chance you will have to interact with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) at some point. Fortunately, unlike many other DMVs, a lot of the Nevada DMV’s services can be completed entirely or partially online.  

Nevada DMV Driving Records

There are a number of different driving records available from the DMV. For a basic 3-year or 10-year Driver History Printout, you can order one online from the comfort of your home. The fee is $8.00, and you will need your driver’s license handy. For more detailed driving records, such as School Bus driving histories, you will need to head to the DMV in person or mail in an Application for Individual Record Information (IR 002). Either way, the fee is still $8.00. Some DMV offices now have self-serve kiosks where you can get your driving record much more quickly, although the fee is a bit higher at $9.00. If you only need a non-certified driving record then you can also obtain one online through a third-party database, including through

Nevada DMV RecordsNevada DMV Driving Exam

 If you are applying for a non-commercial class C (auto) or class M (motorcycle) license, then you can schedule your driving test online. Visit the Nevada DMV Webstite to schedule your drive test. If you need to schedule a driving test for any other class of license, then you will need to do so either in person or by phone

Nevada DMV Driver’s License

 If you a renewing your license or need to order a duplicate license, then the good news is that you can now do so entirely online. However, if you are a new resident or you are applying for your first license then you will need to visit a Nevada DMV office in person. Some DMV offices, however, now allow you to make an appointment online, thus reducing the wait time once your arrive. You will need to bring proof of identity, such as your out-of-state driver’s license or another ID card, and proof of residency. If your license has been suspended, revoked, or is expired then you may need to complete a driving test in order to get a Nevada driver’s license

Nevada Driver & Vehicle Form

The Nevada DMV has a page on its website devoted to forms and publications. Unlike many other DMV Forms pages, the Nevada DMV’s Forms page is extremely well organized and makes it easy to find the form you need by category. Most forms are available in PDF format and some can be faxed to you through the DMV’s Fax On Demand service

Nevada Traffic Citations

 The Nevada DMV is not responsible for collecting payments for traffic citations. Rather, such payments are typically paid through the county or municipal court. The court you have to pay your traffic ticket through will depend on where the alleged offense was committed. If you look on your traffic ticket, you should be able to find the name of the court. Most Nevada courts now accept online payments, but there is no statewide payment system for tickets. That means you will have to find the website for the court that you owe money to. The Nevada Supreme Court has a list of all court websites in the state.

Nevada Vehicle Registration

 If you only need to renew your vehicle registration then you can usually do so online. If you are a new resident, however, or are bringing a vehicle to Nevada from out of state then you will need to apply for registration in person. Typically, you would register your vehicle at the same time that you would transfer your license. Fees for failing to register your vehicle within 30 days of moving to Nevada can be as high as $1000. To register your vehicle you will need to bring proof of insurance, your current registration and license plates, VIN inspection (this can be obtained at the DMV beforehand), and pay the registration fee which is based on the value of your vehicle. You will also likely have to pass an emissions test if your vehicle is from 1968 or newer and you are registering it in Las Vegas and Reno. Some vehicles are exempt, such as new hybrid cars, but those that have had a smog test from out-of-state will still need to pass a Nevada test.

 Nevada Title Transfers

 You are not legally required to transfer your out-of-state vehicle title to a Nevada title, but doing so is usually a good idea, especially if your vehicle is already paid for. By having a Nevada title you will encounter fewer problems when you need to resell the vehicle in the future. Title can be transferred when you register your vehicle.


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