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Michigan Arrest Records Search

The phrase “arrest record” isn’t common language in everyone’s vocabulary. The first time you’re arrested, you may not even know what an arrest record is or what importance it holds in your life. Put shortly and sweetly, Michigan arrest records are documents that display your criminal history. They contain very specific kinds of information that help Michigan law enforcement and lawyers get a glimpse of the things the person has been accused, and convicted of.
Usually the first question people have about Michigan arrest records is what is contained in them. This is perhaps the easiest question to answer.

Michigan Arrest Records Include

– Criminal charges
– Photographs such as mugshots
– Physical characteristics such as height and weight
– Race
– Previous arrests
– Convictions
– Incarcerations

These Michigan arrest records are used by Michigan law enforcement sometimes to determine how to proceed with a case. They’re used by judges to determine how dangerous you are in case of new charges and often contain convictions that affect the length of sentence you might face in the event of a similar crime. In short, these arrest records are very important.

Even if you aren’t facing new criminal charges, your arrest records can be used by landlords and potential employers to determine whether or not to do business with you. There are some cases where your arrest records will prevent you from getting an apartment you want to rent, or the records might prevent you from being employed in a certain occupation.

It’s the sheer magnitude of importance that makes it so vital to get your arrest records. If you have a criminal history, you can request arrest records online from a number of different sources. You might request them directly from the law enforcement agency or you might buy them from a third party vendor who sells them. In person, you can often go to a law enforcement agency or courthouse in the Michigan area and get your Michigan arrest records.

Arrest records are the outline of your Michigan criminal history. They detail each arrest you’ve faced and the outcome of that arrest, whether it’s being cleared of all charges or convicted of the crime of which you were accused. These arrest records play a vital role in your life, not just for criminal outcomes but for everyday outcomes like employment as well in Michigan.

In some cases, you can have your Michigan arrest records cleared. It’s beneficial to do this if your arrest records are going to impact your life from here on out. Many thousands of people choose to take this avenue in the hopes that they can start over clean and have a clearer path to great employment and living opportunities. No matter what you do, the first key is to obtain your criminal arrest records, be it online or in person. You can call your local law enforcement agencies for more information or use one of the many helpful online vendors who sell Michigan arrest records. If you’re interested in clearing your records, they can give you more information about that, too.

Michigan Arrest Records

How can i find out if I have a warrant in Michigan?

It's fairly simple to run a Michigan warrant search, there are a few options. You can contact your county courthouse clerk, local law enforcement or use an online public records website where you can lookup Michigan warrants confidentially.

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  1. says:

    Lindsey, we ran a MI warrant check for a Martha Petty and didn’t locate anything at this time

  2. says:

    looking for a public arrest record I believer from 2002 for Martha Petty Age 58 DOB 07/19/1962

  3. says:

    We checked our Michigan warrant records and did not find anything active for a Jessica Like. Was there a specific criminal case this was in reference to that we can further assist you with?

  4. says:

    Arrest records requested for Jessica Lee Like, age 32

  5. says:

    The Michigan criminal record and arrest warrant search did not show anything active for Hannah. Was there a specific Michigan criminal record this was in reference to?

  6. says:

    Hannah Kaye Dowden
    December 17, 2018
    Age: 20

  7. says:

    Thanks for reaching out about our Michigan Arrest Records blog. To answer your question about clearing up your Michigan public record, you might consider contacting the Michigan court clerk where you we prosecuted 20 years ago and inquire about how to get your Michigan criminal records expunged or sealed. It really depends on the nature of your crime and if you paid your restitution, did your time, community service and enough time has passed to make this happen. This a really good starting point for you J Miller and we hope that you can get the 4 Michigan convictions taken care of

  8. says:

    What is a good resource for finding out how to clear convictions in Michigan?

  9. says:

    What is a good resource for finding out about clearing, expungements, or having convictions set aside? I have 4 convictions and can’t seem to get them clear from 20 years ago. I don’t make a lot of money and I now live in Oregon. Grew up in Barry county. Still disrupting my life.

  10. says:

    We can certainly assist you with a Michigan Arrest Record or Michigan Criminal Record. Below is a link where you can access all our criminal records and get an in depth background check for Tammy Opdycke. If you are looking for a full criminal record for Tammy for official purposes, such as a job, tenant screening, security clearances, etc. you will want to go to the relevant courthouse or law enforcement agency.

    Click Here To Perform a Criminal Background Check

  11. says:

    How to I get access to a full criminal record for Tammy J Opdycke -54? Do I need to go to the courthouse?

  12. says:

    Our Michigan criminal arrest record database did not show any arrest records for you. Are you also looking to see if you have a warrant in Michigan? We do show there is an active Michigan arrest warrant for a Corey Age, no middle name listed, for a misdemeanor offense

  13. says:

    Birthday April 30, 1991

  14. says:

    Corey James Moody Age 26 Taylor, MI

  15. says:

    We don’t show a Michigan arrest record for the person you mentioned. If this is a recent arrest record it may have not be posted as public record. Many times there is a delay in this reporting. You can also check for Jason’s arrest record by checking with the relevant sheriff department or county courthouse clerk.

  16. says:

    Jason D. Peet age 36

  17. says:

    We do show there is an arrest charge for the person you mentioned for the following:

      Controlled Substance-Possession
  18. says:

    Is there a specific inquiry you’re looking for? If you are looking for a Michigan arrest record or incarceration record then we will need the full name and age of the person you’re looking for.

  19. says:


  20. says:

    Arrest record for Brandon J Harvey, plainwell mi

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