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Miami County Court Records

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Miami County Court Records Search

Court files are a court’s official records that include all the exhibits, pleadings, orders, evidences and other details of a case that are collected and documented during a trial. Lookup Miami county court records online with the form above.

The court maintains these files for every case. However, not all of them are a part of public records.

Miami Public Court Records

All those court files that have been declared confidential by the court or have been sealed are not part of public records and hence, are inaccessible by the public. Records that may be sealed by the court include:

  • Details regarding people who are under witness protection
  • Juveniles’ records
  • Records regarding trade and state secrets
  • Birth records (in cases of closed adoption)

Official Miami County Court Records

If you want to obtain official transcripts of court hearings, you need to send a formal request to the office of the court reporter. The request must contain the following information regarding the case:

  • Name of the case and the judge
  • The docket number
  • Date(s) of hearing(s)
  • The court where the case was filed and heard
  • Some detail regarding the records that you want (whether you want details regarding the witnesses or the court’s order)
  • Your personal and contact information (name, phone number and address).

Miami-Dade County Florida Court Directory contains details regarding different courts and allows you to locate and navigate through a county’s court records.

The jurisdictions of the Miami County and Circuit Court are combined in Miami-Dade County and contain the following smaller divisions:

Miami County Court Records Online

Another way of getting your hands on the Miami County court records is through the online services offered by official authorities as well as third parties. Click here to access the online services offered by the Clerk of the Courts in Miami-Dade County, Florida. is a third party website that maintains an online database of all updated public records.

Note: You may need to pay certain amount of money as fee for obtaining Miami court records.

Miami County Court Records

Miami County Court Records

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