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Maricopa County Court Records

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Maricopa County Court Records

Maricopa County Court Records refer to the court records maintained by the Maricopa county courts. The Maricopa county court provides the public access to the different types of Maricopa County Court Records including those related to probate, civil and criminal cases, and divorce. The clerk of each Maricopa county court maintains the Maricopa Court Records and provides considerable information related to criminal records, tax delinquencies, foreclosures, civil cases and other matters taken to court. There are three ways for you to access the Maricopa County Records you need—in person, via mail and online. You can choose the method that suits you best.

Maricopa County Court Records In Person

In order to get county court record you want, you must provide the case number and the exact year in which the case was filed. Furthermore, you must indicate the type of case i.e. divorce, civil, criminal etc and the names of the parties on the case. In order to make an online request for Maricopa Court Records, you must provide the clerk of the Maricopa County Court valid photograph identification such as state ID or driver’s license and a file request form.

Maricopa County Court Records By Mail

If you choose to make a mail request for the court records then you need to mail the relevant documents to the address of the Maricopa county court. Along with documents, you must enclose a self-addressed envelope and a check payable to the Maricopa county court. Another way for you to make a request for Maricopa County Courthouse Records is online through public databases. In order to request Maricopa County Court Reports online, you must know the case number. Using the case number, you can search family, criminal, civil or probate records online. In order to gain online access to Maricopa County Court Records, you simply need to fill in the information related to you and the case and pay a small fee.

Maricopa County Court Records Online

By using online databases, you can gain convenient access to Maricopa Court Records. Using the online court database of the Maricopa county court,  you can track cases filed in various Maricopa county courthouses. Thanks to online public databases, accessing and retrieving Maricopa County Court Reports, Dockets & Reports is now easy and convenient. You can access these court records from a laptop or smartphone. Previously, visiting the clerk’s desk at the Maricopa country courthouses was necessary to gain access to Maricopa Country Court Records. However, that is no longer the case: people can now view the full record of any case online from the comfort of their home.

Maricopa County Court Records

Maricopa County Court Records

  1. I am trying to track down a person that has committed a crime stolen some property. I know that she was in the Maricopa County system for driving without a license and that her name is Adryanna. I believe she is 21 years old and she was in the system about a month ago.

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