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Kings County Court Records

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Kings County Court Records

All the legal documents related to court proceedings, orders and judgments of the Kings County Courts are recorded and considered as one of the major component of public records in all counties and states of the United States of America. To begin your Kings County Court Records enter a first and last name in the form above.

Types of Kings County Court Records

Court Records in King County, New York, can be divided into 2 major categories:

  1. Criminal Court Records – Official records held by the court regarding various crimes, offenses, misdemeanors and felonies.
  2. Civil Court Records – Official records related to various disputes between individuals, such as domestic violence, abuse, housing, matrimonial, and all other kinds of civil lawsuits that are not sealed by the court.

Why do People Need Access to Court Records?

Like other public records, a person may need to access court records for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • To find out personal details of a person, such as their complete name, age and date of birth.
  • A couple may need to access court records while filing for a marriage license if they need to show proof that it is their 1st marriage or if they have a legitimate divorce decree (in case one or both of them are divorced).
  • For background checks by potential employers.
  • For gaining an access to criminal records of a person. Criminal records may be needed by the government, law enforcement agencies or employers (particularly if you are applying for a government job, military or other sensitive departments).
  • If a person was given ownership of a disputed property by the court, he/she may need the record of the case to prove the ownership.

How to Get Court Records in King County?

While details regarding most court cases can now be accessed online through official and third party websites, a majority of the cases that were filed and heard before 1999 are available in paper format only.

If you want to access an old record, write a formal application to the court with as much details of the case as you can provide, such as the case number, the date(s) of hearing, etc.

For searching online, visit the Kings County New York Court Directory  or click here

Kings County Court Records

Kings County Court Records

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