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How to Run an Illinois Criminal Background Check

An Illinois criminal background check is something that anyone can do however there are different types of background checks in the state of Illinois. Some people might be run a background check for individuals to uncover details, and decide whether they are worth dating, inviting into their home to do repairs or even just know who your new neighbors are. Others want to run this check for official reasons such as hiring a new employee or renting an apartment to a new tenant for example. This second of background reports are more in depths, require the person to have knowledge of this as well as using an FCRA certified service. 

This article will present more details regarding Illinois Criminal Background Checks, clarifying all misconceptions and additional information. Also, stick to the end if you wish to learn how to perform a background check on yourself or someone. There are some anonymous ways to run an Illinois background check without anyone knowing you’re looking them up.  

What is an Illinois Criminal Background Check?

Essentially, an IL criminal background check is a report that presents details regarding an individual’s public record as well as their past with the law. This file contains offenses leading to arrests , police records, court documents, sentencing records, prison and jail incarcerations, driving records, DUIs, infractions, misdemeanors, felonies and warrants.  Anyone can run this type of background check in Illinois however, not all resources are intended for official purposes. If you are in need of verifying someone’s criminal history for employment purposes or a rental agreement then you’ll want to seek out a service with an FCRA certification.  For example, if you do a search to retrieve a person’s criminal record, the document may contain state and federal court records for misdemeanors, felonies, arrest warrants, and many more. This is an official background check are also standard practice for certain jobs as it helps the company deduce whether an individual can perform certain types of work. 

What’s on My Illinois Background Record?

An Illinois background check presents all necessary information about an individual, including their previous occupation, education, and more. However, explicitly performing a Criminal background check will also produce the individual’s involvement with the Law and their criminal history. Background checks are used for a multitude of reasons including fact checking what an individual puts on their resume, identity verification and criminal records. Essentially, the results will unearth previous cases and reveal whether the individual has a rough past that’s riddled with criminal activities or is currently listed on a criminal record registry.    

How Far Back Does an Illinois Criminal Background Check Go?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets boundaries and limits on what criminal background checks can reveal. One of such restrictions includes displaying seven-year-old criminal arrests that never resulted in a conviction.  Although this rule doesn’t always hold for high-paying jobs above $75,000, each state has the liberty to enact its own time and limitations on how much information criminal background checks can go without adhering to restrictions from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In Illinois, the Law doesn’t specific restrictiosn on how far back in time a background check can go to reveal previous criminal convictions. Fortunately, employers are not permitted to use random information to dismiss a hire as it must be relevant to the position being applied, otherwise this would be labeled as discrimination. 

How Long Does A Illinois Criminal Background Check Take?

While performing a background check on a potential hire or new tenant is crucial to preventing complications should they be problematic individuals, this typically takes a week or more to complete, when running it through the Illinois Police or the State.  Nevertheless, it’s best to perform checks to ensure you are doing your due diligence. 

For personal criminal background checks that are not intended for official purposes, services such as offer instant online results that are anonymous and confidential. 

Illinois Criminal Background CheckThe Importance of Running a Background Check in Illinois

As previously mentioned, a criminal background check will present a list of offenses committed by the subject that warranted an arrest, as well as court cases and any sentences received. Several reasons exist that require you to possess this document, like confirming whether your offenses were expunged.  

Suppose you desire this document for yourself or a loved one. In that case, you can acquire the criminal history at the Illinois State Police Department, the Illinois Circuit Court, sheriff’s department, and suburban or municipal police departments. 

Alternatively, you can perform this background check via the mail by first requesting a set of fingerprints by a local police department, then presenting a photocopy of your ID along with a money order made to the department of revenue for the relevant fee for this service.  

Afterward, include a stamped envelope containing your address, where the government will mail your criminal history.

Note: Include your phone number for potential questions from the department. 

There are a few different ways to run a criminal background check and ensure your own or those you are questioning. If you wish to check your criminal record to confirm whether the government expunged your transgressions you can go through the State or check online using an official Illinois background reporting resource.


Illinois Background Check - Questions & Answers

Can anyone legally run a background check in Illinois?

Yes, anyone with a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection can run a background check in Illinois. Because of the FOIA, most all background records are available to the general public

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