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Find My Friends – Here is the Answer

Time and distance have a way of getting in the way of friendships. The friends you had growing up went off to college or careers and eventually settled in other parts of the country or even the world. Getting reconnected with your old friends is not as difficult as you might imagine. If you’ve been wondering, “How can I find my friends?” here are a few tips for using the internet to locate them.

find my friends

Put Together a List of What You Know

Your quest to find old friends starts with a list of everything you know or can recall about the person. It might help to involve other people you are in contact with who also knew and could contribute information about them. You should try to obtain at least the basic information before starting your search, including:

  • First, last and middle names
  • Age, date and place of birth, if possible
  • Schools attended and approximate years of graduation
  • Employment information, including name of employers
  • Military service information, including branch, service dates, units and duty stations
  • Last known address or at least the city, town and state
  • Names of parents and other close relatives
  • Other people who might have known the person

Google People Search

It might sound too simple, but typing the name of the friend you are trying to find into a search engine, such as Google, and you will see results including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Newspapers and online media outlets

If the person has a common last name, use the middle name or last known town or city where the person lived in order to narrow your search results. This has always worked quite well for me when I want to find my friends.

In the event of national or global disasters, Google activates its Google Person Finder and makes it available to government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Organizations can use it or make it available to assist people in finding someone during a crisis. It’s an excellent resource if you have a friend or relative traveling or living in an area affected by a disaster.

Find Old Friends with Facebook

Even people who claim not to be on Facebook are secretly checking it to find out what’s going on within their circle of friends. The Facebook home page has a “find friends” tab to click on. Chances on the friend you are trying to locate won’t be there, but you can type the name into the search bar. You can also enter the name into the “search Facebook” bar that opens at the top of your home page.

LinkedIn is another website on which you can search for information. You must set up an account, but it’s free to do so. Once on the site, you can type your friend’s name into the search box and his or her information will appear if the person is registered on the site.

Find Friends Through Alumni Groups

Most colleges and universities have alumni organizations you can reach out to for information about an old friend from school. Find friends online at alumni sites by following the instructions on the organization’s website.

Online Public Record Websites

Obtaining information about a friend through public records searches, such as departments of motor vehicles, might not give you the information you need because of privacy restrictions limiting access to official records to the person whose record is being requested. Private public record websites might be more useful in helping you to find friends with whom you’ve lost contact.

White pages people search is another resource you can use to locate someone. Type in the person’s name and as much information city, state or zip code as you have available. The service provides you address and telephone information. You can find additional information explaining about public record searches and the types of records available by going to a website offering such information.

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  1. says:

    my father from 25 years ago stay in U,S,A iam iranian i want find my father he stay in virginia ut i have not any infrmation of him my names father is hormoz moshaveran he is farmazy

  2. says:

    AK, we’re happy to help you find your friend if you give us some basic information. Can you provide us with the full name of your friend, their and and date of birth if you know it and the state and county they lived in. We’ll be happy to run this information through our public record database and hopefully we’ll be able to ” Find My Friend “

  3. says:

    How to find my friend device

  4. says:

    Can you elaborate more about your friend? Unfortunately, we don’t show any record of your friend in Minnesota. If this a recent move for your friend then we won’t be able to locate her in our database if she hasn’t registered an address. You might want to also check social media and message anyone that is friends with her this same question if you haven’t already. Lastly, if you feel this is a missing person then you might want to reach out to the police and make an inquiry.

    How to Report a Missing Friend

    You can report a missing for your friend at any time if you are concerned for the safety and you don’t know where they are. Call your local police station or you can call the national Crime Stoppers hotline @ 800-333-0000

  5. says:

    Pls i need to find my friend, I\’m really worried abt her, her name is Adebayo titilayo kaothar she lives in Minnesota. Pls help me find her

  6. says:

    We are happy to assist you with Finding Your Friends however we will need their full name and state of residence to begin our ” Find My Friends Search “

  7. says:

    d type of friend i need shud be a trust wordi friend

  8. says:

    We are happy to assist you with a ” Find My Friends ” search. We just need the full name, and the state of residency, of the friend that you’re looking for. Finding a friend online has never been easier. Our public record resources access more than 3 billion records and counting. That being said, a Find my Fiends search is easier than you think

  9. says:

    Your search is correct. I want cell number of jasmin chughtai. Which is not provided and i have no credit card for payment help out if possible

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