Dallas County Warrant Search

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Dallas County Warrant Search

Dallas County Warrant Search is available through Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. The department can be contacted through their official website or you can visit the office in person. You will be required to fill a form and submit a formal application to perform a warrant search against a person whom you suspect or have identified to have an active warrant against his name. To begin a Dallas county warrant search online use the above form and enter a first and last name. All Dallas county warrant searches are anonymous and confidential.

An arrest warrant gives the police force a legal evidence and power to take an alleged criminal into custody or to conduct a search against them. A warrant is issued by submitting a sworn affidavit against a person which lists the crimes being alleged against him. This affidavit needs to be signed by a sitting judge to make it effective. Once the judge signs the affidavit, police has the authority to make a search against the person against whom the warrant is sought or to arrest him. The warrant can go from active status to outstanding if the person against whose name the warrant is issued is not aware of these proceedings or resists being arrested. However, the police still have the authority to take him into custody.

Since Dallas County has no online option to conduct warrant search, citizens use secondary online sources. They provide information through legal sources and keeping the rules and normative requirements into consideration. These sources include reputable channels like SearchQuarry that have been found to be reliable by several people who use this portal not only to search for warrants but also other legal information, documents, etc. You will be satisfied by the accuracy of the information they provide and how swiftly they operate.

Dallas County Warrant Search
Dallas County Warrant Search

How can I find out if I have a warrant in Dallas?

Finding out if you have a warrant in Dallas is simple. You can contact the Dallas county courthouse clerk and inquire with them about any active warrants, or you can us a public records website online to find out anonymously if there are any warrants under your name.

Can anyone lookup a Dallas county warrant?

Yes, it's public information so anyone can lookup a Dallas county warrant. You can contact your local law enforcement to run a warrant search for you or contact the Dallas county courthouse clerk and inquire if the courts have issued any warrants. A third option is to use an online resources, like SearchQuarry.com, to lookup warrant records anonymously.

What is a Dallas county bench warrant?

A bench warrant in Dallas county can mean you've missed a court appearance or have unpaid court fees and fines due. Dallas county bench warrants can lead to an arrest and incarceration.

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71 responses to “Dallas County Warrant Search

    1. Norma,

      We do show there are multiple criminal charges and a felony arrest warrant for Toby Wilson for theft in our database. You might also want to contact the Dallas County Sheriff Department or The Dallas County Court Clerk to verify this.

      How To Check For Dallas County Warrants

      1. Contact the Dallas County Sheriff Department or Dallas County Court Clerk
      2. Use the online Warrant Search database by name or call to verify
      3. Have the full name, age and address of the person in question
      4. Verify the charges and find out if there is a Warrant Amnesty Program

    1. We don’t show any active Dallas warrants in our warrant record database. You might also check with the Dallas sheriff department as there is sometimes delays when this information is reported to the relevant agencies.

    1. We do show a Dallas county warrant for Ashley Schmitzer for the charge of “OTHER EMERGENCY PROT” but that is all the information we have available in our Texas warrant database.

    1. There are multiple Texas warrants for a Heather Wilson but not with your middle name. You can also check online with the Dallas County Sheriff Warrant Information Hotline. You can call up anonymously to find out if you or someone you know has an outstanding Dallas County warrant.

      How Do I Check on a Warrant in Dallas County

      1. Visit the Dallas County Sheriff Website
      2. Call the Dallas County Warrant Hotline Phone Number: (214) 761-9026

    2. Her middle name is Lilia. Full name reads as Heather Lilia Brown-Wilson born Dec 4, 1989 her children and I have not heard from her in a while…. Thank you for your help

      1. We have several listings for a Heather Wilson that is the same age but not all of our records indicate a middle name. Below is a link to our Free Texas People Finder and Background Check where you can lookup unlimited public records Free for 5 days.

        Texas Background Search

  1. My son was arrested in Florida in a Texas warrant. How do we find out what the charges are? William T Taylor 09/22/1991 Thanks for any help.

    1. There are more than one listing for a Torey Brown, around the same age, in Texas. In order to make sure we’re locating the correct criminal and warrant record, we will also need to know the middle name for the person in question.

    1. Good news Mark, there are not active Dallas County warrants in our Texas criminal records database for you.

    1. Mark, we do not show any active Dallas county warrants or any in the state of Texas. If this is a recently issued warrant you might consider contacting the Dallas County Courthouse Clerk to verify this information as sometimes this can be delayed.

    1. In order to find out if you will be arrested if you turn yourself in for a Dallas County warrant for a traffic citation, you will want to contact the Dallas County Courthouse Clerk and inquire with them. They can assist you in finding out the Dallas county court ordered warrant. It may be possible to take care of your Dallas warrant fines and fees without being arrested but that is entirely up to the courts.

    1. Our Dallas warrant check did not show any active warrants for a Richard P. Dale but we do show a Dallas warrant for a Richard Allen Dale

    1. We ran a Dallas County Warrant Search for Charles Curtis however there are more than one Charles Curtis. Can you also provide us with your middle name and/or age so we can verify the Dallas County Warrants for the correct person

    1. Tomika, we ran a Dallas county warrant check and didn’t find anything active for you in Dallas county as well as the entire state of Texas

    1. Our Dallas county warrant search shows there is an active warrant for Driving With an Invalid Texas Driver’s License. We don’t show however if this is an arrest or bench warrant. You can contact the relevant Dallas county courthouse for more detailed information about this criminal infraction

    1. Our Dallas County Warrant Search did not show any active results for the person in question, however we expanded the search nationwide and found an active warrant for a Jasmine Monique Wiley in California

  2. I\’m trying to find out if my son Christopher webb born 1986 out of grand prairie tx if he has warrant in g.p and dallas

    1. We show several listings for Christopher Web in our Dallas county criminal records database and not all of them have the age listed. Can you also provide us with Christopher’s middle name so we can verify any outstanding Dallas count warrants?

  3. I’m a bail bonds out of Waxahachie TX. I have a client by the name of Patrick Herbert DOB 08/16/1961. Is there a way to confirm there are active warrants if so could i get a copy of them?

    AAA Bail Bond

    1. Dusty, we do show there is an open Texas warrant for a Patrick Claude Herbert related to a Driving While Intoxicated charge. Unfortunately we are only a public records resource, that can be used for reference only, and we do not have the ability to send you a certified copy of this open warrant. You might want to reach out to the relevant arresting law enforcement agency or county courthouse clerk to inquire about getting a copy of Patrick’s warrant record.

      Please let us know if we can be of further assistance

  4. I am a employer of Steven Earl Moseley -Steven says he may have a active probation warrant.
    Can you confirm and recommend how I can assist Steven in resolving this potential situation.

    1. To preface the following information, SearchQuarry.com is not an FCRA certified service and cannot be used for employment, rental agreements, academic applications or security clearances. The public records found in our member’s area are for reference only. That being said we do show some criminal charges related to a possible warrant for a Steven Earl Moseley but in order to confirm this we recommend using an FCRA certified service for hiring purposes

      In order to resolve this issue of a possible probation warrant you will want to reach out to the issuing Dallas county courthouse and inquire about how to handle this specific situation. Another option would be to contact the relevant Dallas County Probation Officer and find out how to mitigate this situation.

    1. The person you are interested in has a very common name and we don’t have the DOB listed on all the Dallas county warrant results. Can you also verify the middle name so we can refine our results?

  5. I will like to know if I have a warrant on my name or if some one is using my info. Jennifer Enid Falcon Lopez DOB 02/02/1983

    1. There are multiple Dallas warrants listed for a Jennifer Lopez, it’s a very common name. However, there are none matching your information specifically. If you want further clarification please reach out to the Dallas county courthouse and inquire with the court clerk. You can also contact the Dallas County Sheriff Department and request a warrant verification

    1. Eric, we are happy to assist you with a Dallas county warrant search but we’ll need some more information first. Can you provide us with her full name and age so we can properly run a warrant report for you?

    1. We ran a Dallas county warrant lookup for Megan Clemons and found an arrest record from February 2019 however we are not showing any Texas warrants for this person.

    1. There is a Dallas county criminal record from 2019 however, we’re not seeing any active Dallas county warrants for this person.

    1. Trisha, we’re not finding anything attached to your name in Texas. You can also verify this by reaching out to the Dallas county clerk of the courts office and making an additional inquiry there.

    1. We checked our Dallas records and did not find anything active for Bryan Segovia. We also expanded our search statewide and did not find anything in Texas.

  6. My name is Johnny Anderson and I wanted to know if my wife Lakeisha Monique Sims dob 9/7/1988 has a warrant for her arrest.

    1. Johnny Anderson is a common name in Texas and we only show one warrant out of Tarrant county for a Johnny Anderson that is in his mid 40’s. If you can confirm your middle name and age we can make sure we’re giving you the most relevant information

    1. Timothy, all we are showing is a traffic citation from 2019 but no active Dallas county warrants that we can find

    1. We ran a search for a James Honey for Dallas county as well as the entire state of Texas and did not find anything active

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