Cook County Warrant Search

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Cook County Warrant Search Information

The Central Warrants Unit Data at the online Cook County Sheriff?s page was primarily created to list information about people wanted by the Law Enforcement Agency in Cook County area. All you have to do is type in the name of the person in question and the date of birth to begin your search. The purpose of providing this information is described by the Sheriff?s office as that which can help the residents of Cook County, Illinois, to make themselves aware of the people who are ?Wanted? in a community. It also serves as an effective mechanism for people to report important information, like the whereabouts of such fugitives. To begin a Cook County Warrant Search online use the above form.

The list of people in this database have had warrants for arrests for different Cook County court proceedings, may they be civil or criminal. It is important to notice that a person?s name appearing on this list does not mean that they are guilty or innocent, or whether they have been charged or convicted. It would be wrong for citizens to take action based solely on the list on this online portal. The information individuals find through this online portal cannot be used to threaten or harass other individuals listed on the warrant data base. Doing so would be a criminal act in violation of the criminal law of Illinois.

It is the responsibility of law enforcement officers to effectuate any arrests. On top of this, because of technical data transfer issues and the lengthy processes, it is possible that much of the data you find may be outdated due to recent change in events and is subject to change. The Cook County Sherriff?s office ensures that this data is up to date and regularly checked for accuracy. Other than the data you will find on the Sheriff website, if you feel it is not sufficient for what you are looking for, you can always visit the county Sheriff?s office for more information.

Cook County Warrant Search
Cook County Warrant Search

Cook County Warrant FAQs

How can I find out if I have a warrant in Cook County Illinois?

To find out if you have a Cook County warrant you can search anonymously using a 3rd party public records website. You will need the full name of the person in question, their age. Many people have the same first and last name so an age or date of birth is good to verify you're looking at the correct warrant record.

Are Cook County warrant public information?

Yes, a warrant in any county in the United States is considered public record so anyone can lookup a Cook county warrant

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Responses to “Cook County Warrant Search

  1. says:

    Michele, we ran your name through our Cook county criminal records database and did not find anything active at this point

  2. says:

    Do I have any active warrant for myself

  3. says:

    Demarcus Aaron Williams. 7/3/1990. Not positive on bday. Warrant should be for at least attempted murder. He’s currently in Beadle county/Minnehaha county area South Dakota murdering, raping, agg assault among other things on a regular basis but nobody wants to talk cause of some G code lol.

  4. says:

    Warrant for Leticia Garcia 03/23/1978 out of Bridgeview, Illinois

  5. says:

    We did find an arrest record for a Tyan D. Smith however we did not locate an active warrant at this time

  6. says:

    Tyran Smith 11/21/83
    Chicago Illinois

  7. says:

    Searching for possible warrant for Matthew S McDermott age 37 please

  8. says:

    Warrant for Ireal J. Williams age 37

  9. says:

    I was just wondering if I have a warrant for arrest. Please get back to me asap.

  10. says:

    Please give us the full name and age of the person you would like us to run a Cook County Warrant Record Search for

  11. says:

    cook county,il warrant search

  12. says:

    Rebecca, if you can provide us with his full name and age we are happy to run a search for you

  13. says:

    I am trying to find where active warrants would be, as I am searching for my brother. How can I find out what/where/when for active warrants?

  14. says:

    William, we checked our cook county criminal record database and did not find anything active for you

  15. says:

    Hi. I just had police looking for me at my old apartment and I really have no idea why? I live in CA now and cant just go check. How do I find out?

  16. says:

    Michael, can you also verify your middle name as not all our warrants have the DOB listed for people and you have a very common name in Illinois

  17. says:

    Kayla, we don’t show any warrants and it’s probably too soon for one to be issued for you missing court. Your best option is to contact the clerk of the courts and reschedule

  18. says:

    I just had court on Nov.2nd 2020 but did not make it due to no transportation & no drivers license. I tryd to contact someone at tha courts but just got a recording so I left my name & phone # & explained my situation but never heard nething back. Im wondering if I have a warrant for this or not??

  19. says:

    A warrant for a Michael Johnson 12/09/83
    Cook County

  20. says:

    Chantil, we do show multiple listings in Cook County for a Brandon Morris however the date of birth is not listed on all of our criminal records. Can you also verify his middle name so that we can verify if one of these belongs to Brandon?

  21. says:

    please search for Brandon Morris DOB 04-02-82?

  22. says:

    We checked for Ignacio Rodriguez and did find an arrest charge from July 2020 and that it’s an ongoing court case however, we’re not seeing any warrants as of yet. You can also contact the clerk of the courts in Cook county to verify any recently issued warrants but we cannot find one within our resources

  23. says:

    Ok thank you can you also check for Ignacio Quintero Rodriguez DOB 02-01-1979 just incase wanna make sure please and thanks

  24. says:

    We found an Illinois arrest record and misdemeanor criminal record from 2009 but no active warrants we can find for an Ignacio Quintero

  25. says:

    My Sister got pulled over for speeding today Tuesday, September the 8th and they told her I, Ignacio Quintero 02/01/1979 had a warrant out of Chicago, Illinois I moved out of Chicago about 15 years ago and now live in Las Vegas Nevada. can you please let me know if you see something because something is wrong here. My phone number is 208-419-5213 incase you have any further questions thank you.

  26. says:

    We only have a Cook county warrant record for a Michael Henderson, with no middle name, age 58. We are not seeing any record for an arrest warrant for a Michael David Junior at this time

  27. says:

    Do I have a warrant for my arrest? Michael David Henderson Junior DOB: 5/30/98 May 30 1998

  28. says:

    There was no listing for a Koby Grant in our Cook County warrant records at this time

  29. says:

    Warrant search Cook County, Il

  30. says:

    Alisha, we understand your situation and this is a legal matter that you should discuss with a lawyer. Unfortunately we cannot assist you with this as we are a public record website without any direct affiliation with any government agency. You mentioned that this person was fingerprinted which means you have quantifiable evidence that it is not you. Seeking legal counsel will most likely be the best way to proceed since you have not been able to resolve it on your own. It is possible there is a precedence for your specific type of identity theft which can help expedite a resolution. If you would like us to lookup a warrant record we are happy to help but we cannot give you any specific advise except retaining the assistance of legal counsel in Chicago.

  31. says:

    Dob.2/21/75 last 4 of Ss.2290 In 1996 a friend escaped from her abuser , therefore a car she had borrowed was reported stolen after she did not return. She was arrested in Cook county and had No Identification and she was Booked and Fingerprinted under My Name. I have been fighting this warrant over 20 yrs. It is scary having that over your back‼ I have been to California Court to straighten this matter out, but still no answers…I have been arrested and released many times due to this warrant that should have been dismissed‼ Please help‼ I am no longer an Illinois resident so it is hard to keep coming to chicago to fix this problem.

  32. says:

    Melissa, good news, we did not find any active Cook County warrants for you

  33. says:

    What to know if I have a warrant out of cook County Melissa Jean fowler 01/26/1990

  34. says:

    Our Illinois warrant search came up empty for a Tyler Jerome Swain

  35. says:

    Would like to know if I have any active warrants in illnoise
    My name is Tyler Jerome Swain

  36. says:

    We are showing some Minnesota criminal records for a Brooke Amber Memene however, we’re not showing anything in Cook County, Illinois.

  37. says:

    Do I have a cook county warrant?
    Brooke Memene 1/15/79

  38. says:

    James, we show multiple listings for people in Illinois with your same first and last name and not all our reports have the DOB listed. Can you also verify your middle name so we can elaborate on what we have found in our Cook County criminal records?

  39. says:

    Do I have a warrant 9/24/85

  40. says:

    Danielle Lechocki does not have any active Cook county warrants or anything active in Illinois according to our resources.

  41. says:

    I am trying to figure out if I have a warrant

  42. says:

    We are not seeing any Cook County warrant results for a LeLa Livingstone

  43. says:

    Do I have a traffic warrant? Moved out of state and missed a court date to turn in my 10 hours of community service

  44. says:

    Mackenzie, we ran a warrant check for you in Cook County and the entire state of Illinois and we did not find anything active for you in our database resources

  45. says:

    warrant in Cook or Kane county Illinois or entire state of IL?
    DOB: 08/19/1997

  46. says:

    We ran a check for Jesse Levesque in Cook County as well as the entire state of Illinois and did not find any active warrants.

  47. says:

    Do I have a warrant? Jesse K. Levesque – DOB: June 10, 1977

  48. says:

    Miguel Salinas does not show up in our Illinois warrant records, Carmen Cruz as well does not come up as having anything active in Il

  49. says:

    Is there any active warrants for a Miguel A Salinas or me Carmen s Cruz

  50. says:

    We show a Cook County arrest record for a Calvin Montel McPherson from a few years ago but no active warrants that we show in our database records

  51. says:

    Please look up my husband calvin mcpherson 9/11/1983 he is trying to take care of a warrant he is in federal custody but cook county clerk of courts cant find his name for a warrant

  52. says:

    The free Cook county warrant check we performed for you indicates there is a warrant for an Andrea T Mcnair for a Cook County parole violation

  53. says:

    Do I have a warrant in cook county

  54. says:

    We have several Illinois criminal record listings for a Heather Mccoy and the DOB is not listed in a lot of these records. Can you also provide us with her middle name so we can insure we are giving you the correct information? Thank you

  55. says:

    Warrant for Heather Mccoy 3/23/80 cook county illinois

  56. says:

    We do show an open Cook County warrant for a Richard Troiani for the following charges AGGRAVATED FLEEING /2+ CON DVC/2ND. We don’t show the specifics of what type of warrant this is but it’s quite possible that it may be a Cook County arrest warrant

  57. says:

    Wanted to see if I had a warrant and if so what it is for.
    Richard A Troiani
    Age 29

  58. says:

    The Cook County warrant search we performed did not show anything active for Stevon Williams. We also checked the whole state of Illinois and there were no recent Illinois criminal records that suggest there is an Illinois arrest warrant but there could possibly be an open or bench warrant if you’ve recently missed a court appearance or failed to pay your fines for a traffic citation

  59. says:

    Do i have a active warrant? Stevon J williams riverdale il

  60. says:

    Bridget, we did not find any active Cook county warrants for you in Illinois. There is also a Cook county in Minnesota, just in case we ran this warrant search for the wrong state. Please let us know and we can also run a Cook county warrant search in Minnesota for you if you’re interested.

  61. says:

    Can you please check if I have a warrant for missed court in Chicago, Bridget A Bolger age 32

  62. says:

    We have over 2 billion public records that are updated daily. We get our Cook County public records from the state and local public record postings so they’re as accurate as the public records you would get from the Cook County courthouses and Law Enforcement agencies. Is there a specific Cook County warrant search or public record we can assist you with? We are here to help so just give us the full name of the person in question and their age and state of residency. That way we can accurately find the correct record for the correct person you’re looking for

  63. says:

    How accurate are your searches?

  64. says:

    Dejan, good news, our Cook county warrant search did not produce any active warrant results. We also ran a warrant search for the entire state of Illinois and did not find anything active. If you feel this is incorrect or a recent bench or open warrant then it’s best practice to contact the relevant Cook county courthouse and inquire about the details of a missed Cook County court date or non-payment of fines or court fees.

    Cook County Open Warrant Search

    1. Contact the Cook County courthouse clerk
    2. Request information about active warrants
    3. Provide your full name and relevant information
    4. Show proof of ID and any court documents
    5. View Cook County open or bench warrants

  65. says:

    I would like to know if I have a warrant
    Dejan Dimitrovski 06.01.1979

  66. says:

    We ran a Cook County warrant check and did not locate anything active for Brendan Wagner

  67. says:

    I would like to know if I have a warrant
    Brendan Michael Wagner 9.20.89

  68. says:

    Unfortunately we do not know why there is not a Cook county warrant for his arrest or a bench warrant for his missed court appearance. You might consider contacting the relevant county courthouse clerk about the issue of his missed child support appearance and inquire about any warrants or if there is intent for the courts to issue a warrant. Since the Missouri courts issue the warrants they are a good place to start.

  69. says:

    The “father” of my daughter received a warrant when he didn’t show up to court for child support. He has been incarcerated since then & released. It’s almost been a year and he has been arrested 3 times! What is going on and why isn’t his warrant active? I filled out the paperwork received a receipt in the mail! Please help!!

  70. says:

    Our Cook County warrant search did not show any results for you Shaler. We also checked the entire state of Illinois and there were not any active warrants listed for you.

  71. says:

    looking to see if i have a warrant, Female, age 26

  72. says:

    Our Cook County warrant search did not find any active warrants for you Ashley. We also ran an Illinois warrant search and did not find any active warrants

  73. says:


  74. says:

    We do show multiple Illinois warrants in Cook County for Oscar Flores. We will also need a middle name to filter our results as many people have the same and last name.

  75. says:

    Do I have a warrant In cook County dob 5-6-90 Oscar Flores no middle name please help last digest ssn 6266

  76. says:

    I can’t find any could you help locating Oscar Flores 5-6-90 age 27 looking for cool county warrants

  77. says:

    Our Illinois warrant record database came up no warrant results for the name you mentioned

  78. says:

    Looking for a warrant for an Albert W. Burrus Jr. D.O.B 1/19/1970 please let me know what you find. Thank you

  79. says:

    We show an active Cook County warrant for a Giovani C Lopez but not a Giovani D Lopez. Just in case there is an error in reporting of this Illinois warrant and this is the person in question, here are some identifying tattoos we have listed on his criminal record.

  80. says:

    Is there a warrant search for Giovani D Lopez
    Male, 24, Chicago, Illinois…

    Thank you

  81. says:

    Sorry, that isn’t me. Lol

    Try Giovani D Lopez
    Chicago, Illinois
    24, Male

  82. says:

    Sorry let’s simplify that a bit.
    That’s not me.

    Giovani D Lopez
    May 8th 1993

  83. says:

    We do show an outstanding Cook County warrant for you for the charges listed below. It would appear this is an Illinois arrest warrant


    The Cook County court case number we show for this warrant is

  84. says:

    Do I have a search warrant or an arrest warrant?!?

  85. says:

    Good news Steve, we don’t show any outstanding Illinois warrants for you in our database. You might also want to confirm this by contacting the Cook County Courthouse Clerk. They will run an Illinois warrant search with the information you provided us.

  86. says:

    Do I have a warrant?

  87. says:

    We do show an active warrant for Anastacia Gonzalez in Illinois for a misdemeanor offense. We do not show the exact nature of the warrant unfortunately. You can contact the Cook County Sheriff Department to inquire about this warrant.

    Cook County Sheriff Department Information Search

    1. Visit the Cook County Sheriff website
    2. Fill out a Freedom of Information Act Request
    3. Describe what records you are looking for
    4. Submit the form to the Cook County Sheriff Office

  88. says:

    I will like to know if i have a active warrant? Name anastacia l gonzalez dob may 18 1989

  89. says:

    We do show there is an active Illinois warrant in Cook County for a Jose Sahagun. Unfortunately we do not show what kind of warrant ( ie. Illinois arrest warrant or bench warrant ) in our database resources. You can also check with the Cook county courthouse clerk to inquire about the specifics of your warrant.

    Cook County Warrant Search via Court Clerk

    1. Contact the Cook county court clerk
    2. Request a warrant search
    3. Provide your name and date of birth
    4. Find out if you have a warrant in Illinois

  90. says:

    Good morNing. I would like to check if I have any active arrest warrants in the county of cook. Thank you

  91. says:

    We do show there is an active Illinois warrant for you in our database however there are multiple criminal charges so it’s unclear what the warrant is for exactly. You can find out more of the Cook County warrant specifics by contacting the Cook County Sheriff Department. You might be able to do this through their website.

  92. says:

    I am trying to see if I have any active warrants in cook county I am hereby furnishing my information: first name Darryl, last name:crutchfield , DOB:09/06 69 The last four of my ss# 0771 . Please get back to me it is vital. Thank you:

  93. says:

    We do show multiple warrants still for Oscar Flores in Illinois, age 27 and 28. You can also confirm this with the Cook County Sheriff Department

  94. says:

    Age 27
    No middle name

  95. says:

    Oscar, can you provide your middle name and age so we can filter the results. There are multiple warrant listings for Oscar Flores in Cook County, Illinois.

  96. says:

    Do I have a warrant In cook county

  97. says:


    If you can provide us with your full name and age we can search our database for any active Cook County Warrants. You can also check with the Cook County Sheriff Department or or your local Cook County Court Clerk.

  98. says:

    Looking for a warrant on myself in Cook County IL. Who do I send my information to?

  99. says:


    In order to lookup a Cook County Warrant for you we will need your full name, including middle name, and age. This way we can track down the correct warrant record for you.

  100. says:

    Do I have a warrant

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