Cook County Death Records

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Cook County Death Records Information

The Office of the Clerk of the Cook County is responsible for maintaining official records of all deaths that occur in Cook County, Illinois. Only two types of people can request for and obtain death records in Cook County. The first type is a relative of the deceased while the second type is any person with a financial interest in the death record. The Division of Vital Statistics of the Cook County?s Office of the Clerk provides copies of the Cook County death records to eligible people when the latter makes a request for it.

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It is important for you to keep in mind that you can make a request for a person?s official death record only if you are any of the following:

  • Surviving spouse of the deceased
  • A parent of the deceased
  • A sibling of the deceased
  • An adult child of the deceased
  • A grandparent of the deceased
  • A grandchild of the deceased
  • A legal representative of the deceased or his/her family

You cannot request and obtain a person?s death record in Cook County if you do not fall in any of the aforementioned categories. Contrary to what most people believe, a person?s death record is maintained in the state where he/she died and not where he/she is buried. For this reason, before you make a request for a Cook County death record, you must ensure that the person?s whose death record you?re requesting died in Cook County. Once you?ve ensured that, you can move onto making a request for and obtaining the Cook County death record that you need. There are four ways for you to request for and obtain Cook County Death Records: In person, by mail, by phone, online. Following is how you can obtain the death record you need through each way.

How Can I Obtain Cook County Death Records?

The Division of Vital Statistics of the Cook County?s Office of the Clerk is present in six different locations. Visit any of these locations to make an in person request for the death record that you need.

Obtain Cook County Death Records Via Mail

A convenient way of making a request for and obtaining the death record you need is by mail. To make a mail request for the record you need, complete and submit a Death Record Request Form along with a copy of your Valid Photo ID to:

Cook County Clerk David Orr Bureau of Vital Records P.O. Box 641070 Chicago, IL 60664-1070

In addition to the above, mail a pay order or cheque for the fee. The fee for Cook County Death Records is $17.

Obtain Cook County Death Records Via Phone

You can make a phone request for the death record you need by calling at (866) 252-8974.

Obtain Cook County Death Records Online

The final way to make a request for and obtain the Cook County death record you need is online. To make an online request for the record, visit the website of Cook County Clerk?s office.

Another way to make a request for the death record you need is online through public databases. You can find out more about the Cook County Death Records by calling Office of the Clerk of the Cook County at 312-443-5500.

Cook County Death Records

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Responses to “Cook County Death Records

  1. says:

    Karen, this Cook county death record is much older than the digital records we have on file. You can also contact the Illinois Department of Public Health to inquire if this record is available in their digital archives

  2. says:

    HI, I tried to view my grandfathers death certificate but he did not come up. I know and have seen documents on line he died 01 Jun 1941 and buried on 04 Jun 1941 at the St. Casimir Cemetery. His name was Alexander Martin( Martinaitis) and born in Sgalve, Lithuania 08 May 1898.

  3. says:

    Mary, you will need to reach out to the Department of Public Health to obtain a copy of a death certificate. Since you are immediate family you will be able to file for a duplicate copy of his Cook County death certificate online for a nominal fee

  4. says:

    Hi Im looking for my greatgrandfathers death cert.Thomas Golden 05/08/1908. cook county Chicago.
    I sent for it thru the state of il. they directed me to Cook County.
    Mary P Ward

  5. says:

    Ruth, unfortunately these are older vital records than we carry in our public record resources. You can also inquire with the Illinois Department of Heath as they are the managing state agency for Cook county death records.

    How to verify a Cook county death record

    You can verify a Cook county death record by contacting the Illinois Department of Public Health. You can request a Cook county death verification online or call this department directly to inquire @ 217-782-4977

  6. says:

    My great auuts name was Lillian Mitchell. She was born in Russia about 1900, immagrated to Chicago from London, and died about 1956.. Her parents were Harris and Fannie Mitchell. She my have died in an institution for mental retardation/developmental disabled.

  7. says:

    Gregory, you are going through the correct process for obtaining a copy of a Cook county death certificate. You might want to try calling back and talking to a different person. Often times it’s much easier to visit an Illinois Department of Health office directly but that is not so simple with the current closures of many state facilities because of Covid 19

  8. says:

    I requested a death Certificate and for the last three weeks the computer is requesting proof of identity – which I have sent multiple times. I have called and been on hold for 30 minutes as of now. Is this truly the State of Illinois vital records or some for profit scam.

    Vitacheck request does not work

    Gregor A. Moore

  9. says:

    Bill, thanks for reaching out about our Cook County death record blog. We are happy to assist you with a death record search but we’ll need some additional information. Can you provide us with your uncle’s full name, approximate age at death and the approximate year he passed away? That will help us search through our Cook County records database.

  10. says:

    Looking for my great uncles death records

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