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Cook County Court Records

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Cook County Court Records

Cook County Court Records refer to the court documents that can obtained from the Cook county courts. You can obtain orders from the Cook county courts related to criminal and civil cases, name changes, probate, judgments dissolutions, and dissolutions of marriage. The responsibility of collecting, preserving, and making available the records of the Cook county courts to people falls on the Archives Department of the Clerk of the Court of Cook County. The archives department was established in 1992 and ever since then it has been handing out Cook County Court Records to people who want it.

Cook County Court Records By Mail

Initially, the Cook Country Court Records were handed out either in person or via mail. However, today they’re available online as well. Today, cook county court offers people online access to orders related to probate, name changes, and domestic disputes. Generally a person who wants access to Cook County Court Records has to visit the courthouse. In case you’re unable to make the request in person, you must download and complete the Cook County court record request form. When completing the form, include as much information as possible if you want to facilitate the search.

Cook County Court Records In Person

To make the request for the Cook Country Court Records in person, you must submit the request in writing and get it approved by the Chief Judge of the Cook County Court, Illinois. In order to make an in-person request for Cook County Court Records, you must submit an in writing detailed request to the Chief Judge, Honorable Timothy C. Evans, at the Cook County Circuit Court.

Cook County Court Records Online

Furthermore, in order to inspect or obtain copies of Cook Country Court Records, you must provide the clerk of the Cook County Court valid photograph identification such as state ID or driver’s license and a court file request form. Now, another way to make a request for Cook Country Court Records is online. In more than one way, on-line access to Cook Country Courts enables people to search for case information.

In the past, in order to get access to Cook Country Court Records, people were required to visit the clerk’s desk at the Cook Country courthouses. However, that is no longer the case: people can now view the full record of any case online from the comfort of their home. Accessing Cook Country Court Records online is easy because all you have to do is fill in the information related to you and the court case and pay a small fee.

Cook County Court Records Online

Cook County Court Records Online

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