BMW VIN Lookup

Name Phone Number License Plate VIN
Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

How To Perform A BMW VIN Lookup

A BMW VIN lookup is an easy online process if you have a computer, smartphone or tablet. You will want to begin by finding your BMW VIN number, which is relatively easy to find since it can be found in a multitude of locations. The easiest place to find it is on your registration card. Once you locate the 17 digit VIN number, it is relatively simple to run a BMW VIN lookup. Then you’ll just need to locate an online resources, like or to give you all the important information you want to know about your BMW. One thing to note is that not all BMW VIN lookup resources will offer you a vehicle history report, so if you’re interested in that as well you will probably need to pay a nominal fee as this typically cost extra.

BMW VIN LookupRunning a BMW Vehicle History Report For A Used Car

When in the market for a used BMW vehicle it’s savvy to run a BMW vehicle history report. This report will give you the history of the vehicle, how many previous owners, any accidents, issues or safety recalls. A BMW vehicle history report can save you a lot of headache when buying a used vehicle. Most vehicle history reports will cost you a nominal fee to run this report but it’s well worth it. Think how much you’re spending on a vehicle and to have peace of mind for only a few dollars extra with a vehicle history report. There are however some free government resources for looking up recalls and known safety issues. Those sites are and the website. Both of these resources are provided by the federal government and are free for the public to access.

Where You Can Find Your BMW VIN Number

  1. Your BMW VIN is located on your vehicle registration and title
  2. Find it stamped on the dashboard of your BMW
  3. It’s also located on your BMW engine and transmission
  4. View your BMW VIN on the driver side door frame

Known BMW Recall Models

  1. BMW 760LI
  2. BMW 740L
  3. BMW 740I
  5. BMW 535I XDRIVE
  7. BMW 550I XDRIVE
  8. BMW 528I
  10. BMW X3 XDRIVE35I
  11. BMW M3
  12. BMW 328I
  13. BMW 128I
  14. BMW 135I

You will want to check with your BMW dealership as well as the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) for what years these recalls are for and additional up to date recall information on your BMW vehicle.  Most of the time when your vehicle has a new recall, you will receive a notification in the mail from BMW directly. It is also best practice to check every once in a while with the NHTSA if there are any recent recalls to your BMW. You can search your exact vehicle by searching your BMW VIN number on their website.

BMW VIN Lookup - FAQs

What BMW models have recalls?

To find out what BMW models have recalls, you can visit the National Highway Transportation Administration website and enter a BMW model number to find out if it has a recall. You can also enter your VIN number to find out if you have a recall with this free online resource.

Can I find out the owner of a BMW from the VIN?

It is possible, yes. You will need to either contact the DMV directly, run a vehicle history report or use a 3rd party online vehicle record resource.

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    James, if you run the BMW vehicle identification number through our Free VIN search you should be able to view all those features you’re interested in finding on your BMW. If you need a BMW vehicle history report, that will cost a few bucks

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    I would like to know how my bmw car was originally equiped. i have vin nimber WBA3N3C55EF711170

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