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Name Phone Number License Plate VIN

Alabama MVD – Motor Vehicle Division

In Alabama, many vehicle-related matters, such as vehicle titling, insurance regulations, and similar matters are handled by the state’s Department of Revenue. Specifically, the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), a part of the Alabama Department of Revenue, is the government agency that is responsible for the bulk of vehicle- and driving-related issues. However, as you will see below, many other driving and license-related issues are handled by separate government agencies in Alabama. While many of the MVD’s services have been moved online, unfortunately quite a few still require you to visit either an MVD or county office in person. Below is a look at some common Alabama MVD related questions and concerns.

Alabama MVDAlabama MVD Records

The good news about getting a copy of your Alabama driving record (officially referred to as a driver license abstract) is that you can request one online. The somewhat confusing part, however, is that you don’t request one directly through the MVD’s website. Instead, you have to sign up for a subscription to Unfortunately, a subscription can cost anywhere from $75 to $95 per year plus you will have to pay $9.75 for each record requested. You can find more information about subscriptions and record fees by visiting the website.

A better alternative may be to print out the form for a motor vehicle record and bring it directly to the MVD or county office. While this process will be more time consuming, it will also be much cheaper. You can also check third-party websites, like, for unofficial driving records.

Alabama MVD Driving Test

Unfortunately, the process doesn’t get any less complicated when it comes to driving tests either. In fact, when scheduling a driver’s test you will need to do so not with the MVD but with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), which runs the state’s graduated licensing system. Fortunately, you can schedule a driving test online through the ALEA. When doing so you will need to provide your last name, daytime phone number, e-mail address, and your appointment number.

Alabama MVD Driver’s License

If you need to renew your Alabama driver’s license, then, fortunately, you can do this online. Again, you will need to renew your license through the ALEA and not through the MVD. You can renew or duplicate your Alabama driver’s license online once every eight years. If doing so online, please make sure you have a printer that is properly functioning as you will need to print out your temporary driver’s license.

Unfortunately, you can only renew or duplicate a license online. For a change of address or to change the class, restrictions, or endorsements on your license, you will need to visit the ALEA Driver License Office in person.

If you are transferring an out-of-state license to an Alabama license, then you will also need to visit the ALEA Office in person. To apply, bring with you your Social Security card, an acceptable proof of identification, proof of school enrollment or graduation for those under 19, and your out-of-state license. You will also need to pay a $5 transfer fee and a $36.25 license purchase fee.

Alabama MVD Forms

Because vehicle and licensing services are split between the MVD and the ALEA, you will find different forms through both agencies. For forms related to drivers’ licenses, you should check first with the ALEA. Their form list can be found here. Most other vehicle-related forms can be found here on the MVD’s website.

Alabama Traffic Citations

There is yet another government body you will have to deal with in Alabama if you have a traffic citation that you need to pay: the Alabama Judicial System. You cannot pay fines through the MVD or the ALEA. However, you can pay your fines online by heading to You will need a credit card to use this online service, and you will need to know which county issued your ticket. When paying online, you will also need to enter your date of birth and the UTC number, which can be found on your Alabama traffic ticket.

Alabama Vehicle Registration

When it comes to vehicle registration, the MVD is not actually where you will need to head to to get your vehicle registered. Rather, this duty is handled by County Probate Offices. Some counties allow you to renew your tags online, while others require that you visit the office in person. Fortunately, the MVD does provide a list of Alabama county offices where you can renew your tags and register your vehicle.

Alabama Title Transfers

Finally, the MVD does handle vehicle titles and even provides online services for tracking the status of your title application. You will need to head to MVTRIP, which is an online portal run by the Alabama MVD. If you need a replacement title, then you can also head to the MVD’s site and print off an application for a replacement title. The fee is $15, and you will need to bring the application to either the Alabama Department of Revenue, a designated agent or the local licensing official.

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  3. squarryadministrator says:

    If you have a suspended or revoked Alabama driver’s license you will need to clear this up with the Alabama MVD directly. Typically you will need to pay the fees, take care of any penalties and/or citations and pay the reinstatement fee for your Alabama drivers license.

    How to Reinstate an Alabama Driver’s License

    Contact the Alabama MVD and pay the fees for your driver’s license reinstatement. The following fees depend on the type of suspension or revocation: Suspended or cancelled Alabama driver’s license: $100. Revoked Alabama driver’s license: $175. DUI/DWI suspended driver’s license: $275.

  4. Christian O\'Neal says:

    Please send me what it takes to get my licence back.

  5. squarryadministrator says:

    In order to reinstate an Alabama driver’s license you will need to contact the Alabama DPS directly. They are the managing agency for Alabama driver’s license. For your convenience we have provided instructions on how to reinstate your driver’s license.

    How to Reinstate an Alabama Driver’s License

    Visit an Alabama DPS office. Request to have your Alabama driver’s license reinstated. Pay the relevant fee for reinstatement. It’s $100 to reinstate a suspended or revoked driver’s license and $175 to reinstate a revoked driver’s license

  6. James L. Bice Sr. says:

    Need to see about reinstating driver’s license.

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