Who Is Your Potential Roommate

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Who Is Your Potential Roommate & Do They Have a Criminal Past?

Moving into a new space is an exciting experience for many people and this often made possible with roommates. Living with roommate else can provide you with company and help you to cut down on the bills but there are some important things to consider first. Who is your potential roommate and what kind of a person are they? Do they have a criminal record? Have they ever been arrested? Do they pay their bills on time? There are a lot of questions you should know before having someone move in to live with you. A background check on your potential roommate can answer a lot of these questions.

Roommate Criminal Activity

While you may not have an issue living with a person who has committed petty crimes, you’ll probably at least want to know. If you conduct a roommate criminal record check, you may discover that your roommate was found guilty of serious crimes. Even if it has been years since the person committed these crimes, you may still want to consider if you want this potential roommate to turn into a real roommate. You may think that you can live with the situation but then end up feeling paranoid and worrisome, especially if your name is on the lease. A roommate criminal record check can reveal useful information about who that person really is.

Roommate Credit Problems

A major reason why you’re looking for a potential roommate is probably so that you don’t have to deal with all of the bills by yourself. However, if you move into a space with a person who has trouble with finances, you may end up in financial disarray yourself. For example, you may want to conduct a roommate background check to find out if the person has a lein against him or her for a car, a house or something else. An individual with this type of financial trouble is probably not someone with whom you want to live.

Roommate Sex Offenders

It is fairly easy to find out who is listed as a registered sex offender. This information is publicly available. In fact, you may want to consider choosing a different location if a number of registered sex offenders live in the area that you are currently considering. You might get the question, Who is your potential roommate?, because others have seen the person on the list. This registry will generally tell you the type of crime that was committed as well.

Is Your Roommate Lying?

The amount of access that you can gain to someone depends; however, you can usually do at least a little bit of poking around with social media. For example, by checking out someone’s social media page, you may discover that he or she has lied about some information, such as age or current living situation. While you may be quick to dismiss a fairly minor lie, you should ask yourself what other type of information this person is hiding. Individuals who lie for no clear reason are certainly not to be trusted. These lies could escalate into serious problems with your living situation.

Roommate Rental History

You may also want to request references from the person’s previous roommates. When no such references are available, even though the individual has lived with roommates in the past, you should start to feel suspicious. If the individual was a good roommate, then the previous ones would probably not have any hesitation about providing a review. Of course, some situations may have arisen where former roommates were angry that the other one left the living space.

When you are living with a person, knowing some important information about him or her is imperative. It will help to provide you with greater peace of mind, and it could even end up saving your life.

Who Is Your Potential Roommate

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