Tarrant County Arrest Records

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Tarrant County Arrest Records Lookup

Tarrant county arrest records are documents that details an individual’s history of arrests. Every time one is placed under arrest, the details will reflect on an individual’s arrest record. In Tarrant County, these records are maintained by the county’s law enforcement agencies including the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the information it portrays, an arrest record can be used by people wishing to perform background checks on an individual before making several decisions including, hiring an employee or renting property.

Tarrant county arrest records, however, should not be confused with a criminal record. The above details the arrest of a person only.

Tarrant County Arrest Record Types

• Pending Case – The person under review has been arrested and charged, but the case is still ongoing.
• Arrest/Non-Conviction – The individual under review was arrested, but in due course, the defendant was found not guilty, or the charges were dropped.
• Arrest Record/Conviction – The person was arrested and on prosecution, was convicted or took a plea deal.

Should a person with an arrest record be found not guilty in a case, no criminal record of that person is registered. Furthermore, although arrest records can be used in Tarrant County to conduct background checks, they cannot be used to determine the hiring and firing of employees as one is considered innocent until proven guilty.In Tarrant County and the United States at large, arrest records become part of your criminal offense only when you have been convicted of a criminal charge or taken a plea deal.

Tarrant County Arrest Records Include

Infractions – These are minor crimes whose sentence seldom includes any prison time or loss of any civil rights. Punishment frequently involves paying a fine. At times, regulatory measures to mitigate repeat offenses are taken, including, revocation of permits and licenses.
Misdemeanor – These are considered slightly more grave offenses when compared to infractions. They attract five days up to one year in jail.
Felony – In US common law, a felony comprises any serious crime such as murder, grand larceny, assault and rape. They usually involve grand punishment as well, with sentences lasting more than one year.Any Tarrant county arrest records will have one of the three charges above. The arrest record will comprise your criminal record only when found guilty of an offense. However, if acquitted, no charges enter your criminal record and will not be victimized in case of issues like employment.In Tarrant County, you can obtain a copy of your arrest record either online or in person with the help of the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office Records Division. In filling a request for the information, essential particulars should be included to aid in the search such as report number, type of report, parties involved and any other information necessary to assist the records division in locating the desired file. From time to time also, the records department will seek more clarification on a submitted request. For this reason, a request for records should have a name and address of the requester.

Tarrant County Arrest Records

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