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State Prison Finder

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Free State Prison Finder

Do you need to find a prison inmate and don’t know where to start? We have a great solution for you and it’s totally free … Try our Free State Prison Finder to lookup state prison information anywhere in the United States. We have compiled and organized an easy to search prison list in our State Prison Finder tool. 1st Select the state you’re looking for, 2nd Find the name or county of the prison and 3rd Select the website, address or phone number of the prison you’re looking for. Check out our tips for using the state prison finder ( below ) and finding the state prison inmate you’re looking for.

Use our Free State Prison Finder

Tips for Finding State Prison Inmates:

  • Know the prison inmate’s full name ( middle name will help if you know it )
  • Know the inmate’s birth date
  • Know what state ( and county if possible ) where the inmate was originally incarcerated
  • Know the name of the prison or correctional facility
  • Know the SID number ( state’s ID number )
  • Know the custody status of the inmate

*** Start with our state prison finder tool and find the state and correctional facility you’re looking for. Then when you locate the correct state prison you can contact them and search for the inmate by his/her full name and birth date or their state ID number ( SID )


United States Prison Factoids:

  • The United States has the largest prison system in the world
  • According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics there were over 2 million people incarcerated in 2011 … and over 4 million were on probation or parole
  • Approximately 1 in 100 adults have served time in a prison or jail facility
  • Approximately 1 in 18 adult men and 1 in 89 adult women have served time in some type of prison, jail or rehabilitation facility

Visit Wikipedia for more information about incarcerations in the United States

Visit the US Bureau of Justice Statistics for more information about criminal and incarceration statistics

State Prison Finder

State Prison Finder



  1. I just want to find out where3 the Illinois prisons are located

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